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Looking for professional identity of public health workers in Poland

REFERENCES 1. Dean HD, Myles RL, Spears-Jones C, et al. A strategic approach to public health workforce development and capacity building. Am J Prev Med. 2014;47(5 Suppl.3):S288-S96. 2. Bjegovic-Mikanovic V, Czabanowska K, Flahault A, et al. Addressing needs in the public health workforce in Europe. World Health Organization; 2014. 3. Tulchinsky TH, McKee M. Education for a public health workforce in Europe and globally. Public Health Rev. 2011;33:7-15. 4. Bjegovic-Mikanovic V, Jovic-Vranes A, Czabanowska K, Otok R. Education for public

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Significance of motivational interviewing in public health

Office;1988.Available from: (access 19.07.2018). 9. (access 19.07.2018). 10. Koplan JP, Fleming DW. Current and future public health challenges JAMA. 2000;284(13):1696-8. doi:10.1001/jama.284.13.1696. 11. (access 19.07.2018). 12. Simpson SA, McNamara R, Shaw

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Dietary supplements as a challenge for contemporary public health: scale of the phenomenon, health risk, legal regulations

References 1. Brzozowska A, Olędzka R. Suplementacja diety jako droga do poprawy stanu odżywienia i stanu zdrowia ludności. In: J. Gawęcki, W. Roszkowski (ed). Żywienie człowieka a zdrowie publiczne. Cz. 3. Warszawa: PWN; 2009. p. 313-28. 2. Bojarowicz H, Dźwigulska P. Suplementy diety. Cz. I. Suplementy diety a leki - porównanie wymagań prawnych. Hygeia Public Health. 2012;47(4):427-32. 3. Ustawa z dnia 25 sierpnia 2006 r. o bezpieczeństwie żywności i żywienia. Dz. U. z 2015 r., poz. 594. 4

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The history of public health use of fluorides in caries prevention

1 Introduction Caries is a widespread oral disease ( 1 ). The prevention of caries with fluoride/s (F) has been proven to be an effective public health measure (PHM), and it is considered to be one of the ten greatest achievements of PH in the 20th century ( 2 ). Fluorides are salts of the chemical element fluorine ( 3 ). People can be exposed to F in various ways: through air, soil, water, or beverages ( 1 ). Black and McKay first recognised the preventive effect of F in Colorado Springs at the beginning of the 20th century ( 4 ). In 1931, Churchill

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The use and exchange of teaching modules published in the series of handbooks prepared within the frame of the „forum for public health in south-eastern Europe“ network
Uporaba in izmenjava učnih modulov, objavljenih v priročnikih mreže forum za javno zdravje v jugovzhodni evropi

References 1. Kovacic L, Laaser U. Public health training and research collaboration in South Eastern Europe. Med Arh. 200; 55: 13-5. 2. Bjegovic V, Kovacic L, Laaser U. The challenge of public health transition in South Eastern Europe. J Public Health. 2006:184-189. Available from: URL: gn7v7m71v324x805/fulltext.pdf. Accessed: November 19, 2011. 3. Burazeri G, Laaser U, Bjegovic V, Georgieva L, Consortium for Public Health Collaboration in South Eastern Europe

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Speaking allowed: the political voice of public health

your assets’ approach to public health Perspectives. Pridobljeno10. 09. 2011 s spletne strani: Lynch JW, Davey-Smith G, Kaplan G, House JS. Income inequality and mortality: importance to health of individual income, psychosocial environment, or material conditions. BMJ 2000; 320: 1200-1204. Friedli L. Mental health, resilience and inequalities: a report for WHO Europe and the Mental Health Foundation. London, Copenhagen: Mental Health Foundation and WHO

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Public Health and the New Law of Public Health in Republic of Serbia

Pharmacology. International Multidisciplinary Journal 2014; 1(3):180-183 UDC: 614(497.11)”1995/2012 pp/180-183. 5. Jakovljevic MB. BRIC’s growing share of global health spending and their diverging pathways. Front. Public Health 2015; 3:135. DOI: 10.3389/fpubh.2015.00135 6. Zakon o javnom zdravlju.Službeni glasnik RS,br.15/2016 7. Zakon o javnom zdravlju.Službeni glasnik RS,br.72/2009 8. Strategija javnog zdravlja Republike Srbije. Službeni glasnik RS,br.22/2009 9. Wiskow C, Ruseva M, Laaser U. Ten years onwards: Comparison of the South Eastern

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Management of mechanism design as an important way to improve public health

Introduction Public health benefits come from better preparation and support for managers all over the world. Public health management involves a complex of challenges. It is important to understand and use classic or “first” principles to gain perspective about problems and see new solutions in difficult situations. Mechanism design processes apply classic or “first” principles to public health management challenges [ 1 ]. Results Understanding of public health issues requires philosophical insight. Health care is unique. It is “public” for the reason

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Healthy Stadia Programme: innovative approach to health promotion

REFERENCES 1. Drygas W, Ruszkowska J, Philpott M, et al. Good practices and health policy analysis in European sports stadia: results from the ‘Healthy Stadia’ project. Health Promot Int. 2013;28(2):157-65. 2. Crabb J, Ratinckx L. The healthy stadia initiative: a report for north west public health team. Department of health, UK; 2005. 3. Parnell D, Curran K, Philpott M. Chapter 12: Healthy Stadia: A settings based approach to health promotion. In: D. Parnell, P. Krustrup. Sport and health: the current state of play. London: Routledge; 2017

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Effectiveness Measurement Using DEA & BSC Methods in Public Health Services

References Amponsah, S. 2013. Household Decision of Purchasing Health Insurance: The Cost and Benefit of Public Health Insurance by Poor and Non-Poor Households . Ph.D. dissertation, Graduate School of Economics, Tokyo International University, Kawagoe, Saitama. Amponsah, S. and S. E. Amanfo. 2017. Efficiency and Productivity Growth in the Health Care Systems of Ghana: Regional Comparison Analysis using DEA . Chicago, IL. January 06 – 08. Ghana: Ministry of Health. Asandului, L., M. Roman and P. Fatulescu. 2014. “The Efficiency of Healthcare

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