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Culture and Project Management

References Andersen, E.S. (1996). Warning: activity planning is hazardous to your project’s health!. International Journal of Project Management, 14(2): pp. 89-94. Atkinson, R. (1999). Project Management: Cost, time, and quality, two best guesses and a phenomenon, it’s time to accept other success criteria. International Journal of Project Management, 17(6), pp. 337-342. Dvir, D., and Lechler, T. (2004). Plans are nothing, changing plans is everything: the impact of changes on project success. Research Policy 33

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Knowledge Management Contributions in Project Management

REFERENCES De Brún, C. (2005). ABC of Knowledge Management. NHS National Library for Health: Knowledge Management Specialist Library. Irani, Z. (2005). Management of Knowledge in Project Environments. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. Jennex, E.M. (2005). Case Studies in Knowledge Management. New Delhi: Idea Group Publishing. Levin, G. (2010). Knowledge Management Success Equals Project Management Success. PMI® Global Congress 2010. Washington. DC: Newtown Square, PA: Project Management Institute. Mannan, B., Jameel, S. M. S

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Agile Project Management Tools: A Brief Comprative View

References 1. PMI. Pulseof Profession. 2017, 26 July 2019. 2. Mishra, D., A. Mishra. Complex Software Project Development: Agile Methods Adoption. – Journalof Software Maintenanceand Evolution: Researchand Practice, Vol. 23 , 2011, No 8, pp. 549-564. 3. Beck, K., etal. Manifestofor Agile Software Development. 2001. 4. Matta, M., M. Marchesi. Understanding Approval Ratingof Agile Project Management Tools Using Twitter. – In: Proc. of 10th International Joint Conferenceon Software

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Resolving Companies in Crisis: Agile Crisis Project Management

:// Cleland, D. I., &Ireland, L. R. (2006). Project management: Strategic design and implementation (5 th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Conforto, C. E., Amaral, D. C., Da Silva, S. L., Di Felippo, A., &Kamikawachi, D. S. (2016). The agility construct on project management theory. International Journal of Project Management , 34 (4), 660-674. Conforto, C. E., Salum, F., Amaral, D. C., Da Silva, S. L., &De Almeida, L. F. M. (2014). Can agile project management be adopted by industries other than

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Application of the Project Management Methodology Formation’s Method

: evaluating and integrating agile and plan-driven methods. Proceedings. 26th International Conference on Software Engineering . IEEE (2014). Guide to the software engineering body of knowledge (SWEBOK V3.0). IEEE Computer Society Press. 335 p. Bushuev, S. D., & Neizvestnyy, S. I. (2013). The project management methodologies genome as the universal knowledge model. Management of Development of Complex Systems , 14, 15–18. Conforto E., Salum F., Amaral D., et al. (2014). Can Agile Project Management Be Adopted by

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Scenarios for Evaluating a Semantic Project Management Approach

References Abels, S., Ahlemann, F., Hahn, A., Hausmann, K. and Strickmann, J. PROMONT-A Project Management Ontology as a Reference for Virtual Project Organizations. In: Lecture notes in Computer Science , Springer Verlag, p. 813-823 (2006) Cerpa, N., Verner, J. Why did your project fail? In: Communications of the ACM. Volume 52, Issue 12, p. 130-134 (2009) Cheyer, A., Park, J., Giuli, R. IRIS: Integrate. Relate. Infer. Share. In: Proceedings of Semantic Desktop Workshop

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The Baseline Configuration of Project Management Information System

References White D., Fortune J. Current practice in project management - an empirical study. International Journal of Project Management. - Nr. 20 (2002), 1. - 11. Besner C., Hobbs B. An Empirical Investigation of Project Management Practice A Summary of the Survey Results: PMI - URL: Global Project Management Survey- URL: Raymond L., Bergeron F. Project

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Project Phase Dependent Configuration of Project Management Information Systems

References [1] Project Management Institute, A Guide to the Project ManagementBody of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) Fourth Edition . Newtown Square: Project Management Institute, 2008. [2] S. Bērziša and J. Grabis, A Framework for Knowledge-Based Configuration of Project Management Information Systems in: The 17thInternational Conference on Information and Software Technologies , Butleris, R., Butkiene R., Ed. Kaunas: Kaunas University of Technology, 2011, pp. 31-38. [3] M.G. Kaiser and F. Ahlemann

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Holonic Handling the Unexpected in Project Management

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Functional Enhancements to Project Management Information Systems

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