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, 1999 ]. Based on this description, six main categories, considering the type and level of performance, have been created: process performance on the individual level, process performance on the team level, process performance on the organizational level, outcome performance on the individual level, outcome performance on the team level, and outcome performance on the organizational level. Each study has been assigned to appropriate category/ categories (eight studies have been assigned to two categories, while one study has met the selection criteria of three

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capital and internal process performance × H1d Positive correlation between knowledge human capital and learning and growth performance √ H2a Positive correlation between ability human capital and financial performance √ H2b Positive correlation between ability human capital and customer-focused performance × H2c Positive correlation between ability human capital and internal process performance √ H2d Positive correlation between ability human capital and learning and growth performance √ H3a Positive correlation between motivation human capital and financial

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