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CzEng 0.9: Large Parallel Treebank with Rich Annotation

We describe our ongoing efforts in collecting a Czech-English parallel corpus CzEng. The paper provides full details on the current version 0.9 and focuses on its new features: (1) data from new sources were added, most importantly a few hundred electronically available books, technical documentation and also some parallel web pages, (2) the full corpus has been automatically annotated up to the tectogrammatical layer (surface and deep syntactic analysis), (3) sentence segmentation has been refined, and (4) several heuristic filters to improve corpus quality were implemented. In total, we provide a sentence-aligned automatic parallel treebank of about 8.0 million sentences, 93 million English and 82 million Czech words. CzEng 0.9 is freely available for non-commercial research purposes.


We present a work in progress aimed at extracting translation pairs of source and target dependency treelets to be used in a dependency-based machine translation system. We introduce a novel unsupervised method for parallel tree segmentation based on Gibbs sampling. Using the data from a Czech-English parallel treebank, we show that the procedure converges to a dictionary containing reasonably sized treelets; in some cases, the segmentation seems to have interesting linguistic interpretations.

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