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References 1. Papillon MM, Lefevre P. Twocases of symmetrically familial palmar and plantar hyperkeratosis (Meledadisease) within brother and sister combined with severe dental alterations in both cases (in French). Bull Soc Fr Dermatol Syph, 1924;31:82-84 2. Wani AA, Devkar N, Patole MS, Shouche YS. Description of two new cathepsin C gene mutations in patients with Papillon-Lefèvre syndrome. J Periodontol, 2006;77:233-237. 3. Hattab FN, Rawashdeh MA, Yassin OM, al-Momani AS, al-Ubosi M. Papillon-Lefèvre syndrome: a review of the literature and report of 4 cases