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Creating and Maintaining a Secure and Safe Environment on a Challenged Civilian University Campus in Papua New Guinea

:// (30/03/2019). [9] See: Kehatsin, J. S. Unlocking Conflicts in the Public Universities in Papua New Guinea. Unpublished PhD thesis, Department of Communication and Development Studies, PNGUoT, December, 2016. [10] Jackson, K. Student killed, buildings torched in savage Unitech attack. Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG Attitude (Blog). 26 June, 2016. Retrieved: (30/03/2019); Betasolo, M

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Renewable Energy Technologies as “Saving Graces” for Pacific Island Nations Fighting Climate Change

-grid lighting market analysis 2014 . Retrieved: . [13] Gupta, S., et al. Micro renewable energies: Energy too little to harness, too large to lose (in print). [14] Kondan, J. Final year project, PNGUoT, Lae, 2017 (unpublished). [15] Mika, N. Private communication, 2018. [16] University of Science and Technology of China. Smart China by discovery will report USTC intelligent lighting for crop growth project. Retrieved: https

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