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Men in Early Childhood: A Moral Panic? A research report from a UK University

Orthopsychiatry 57 (3): 316-331. Ruxton, Sandy. 1996. Children in Europe. NCH Action for Children. Sargent, Paul. 2005. “The Gendering of Men in Early Childhood Education.” Sex Roles 52 (3/4): 251-259. Smeaton, Deborah and Alan Marsh. 2006. Maternity and paternity rights and benefits: survey of parents 2005. London: Policy Studies Institute, Department for Work and Pensions/Department for Trade and Industry. Sumison, Jennifer. 2000. “Negotiating Otherness: a male early childhood worker’s gender positioning

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‘The good girl from Russia can do it all’
Au pairs’ perspective on morality and immorality in the au pair relation

integration’ for young foreigners in exchange for ‘help’ in the household. Unlike other forms of globalised professional care work such as nursing (cf. Wrede & Näre 2013 ), the au pair stay is officially not regarded as a work relation but rather a form of mutual support between both parties on equal terms. The relation between au pair and employer is officially interpreted as a quasi-family relation involving a parent–child hierarchy. In this interpretation, the au pair is denounced as ‘part of the family’ and referred to as ‘the girl’, who is placed in a ‘host family

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Wider die „Culturbrille“ – Versuch, Hartmut Böhmes „Perspektiven der Kulturwissenschaft“ auszuweiten

as a Paradigm for Anthropology. In: Ethos 18/1, S. 5-47. Dießelmann, Anna-Lena (2014): Menschen und Tiere – Vom Verschwimmen einer ehemals stabilen Opposition In: Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaften [Themenheft] Vorstellungskraft. Hrsg. von Siegfried Mattl und Christian Schulte 2 (2014), S. 45-70. Eisenstadt, S. N. (2000): Multiple Modernities. In: Daedalus 129/1, S. 1-29. Fabian, Johannes (2001): Im Tropenfieber. Wissenschaft und Wahn in der Erforschung Zentralafrikas. München: Beck. Fabian, Johannes (1983): Time and the Other. How

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“I am rather strong on Voyages and Cannibalism”: The other Dickens and other Victorians in Richard Flanagan’s Wanting

Editions, 2012. eBook Academic Collection (EBSCOhost) . Rubbo, Mark. “ Wanting : Richard Flanagan.” Readings . 30 October 2008. Readings website. Web. Accessed 2 June 2018. Slater, Michael. Dickens and Women . London and Melbourne: J.M. Dent & Sons, 1986. Print. Slater, Michael. Dickens’ Journalism Volume III: ‘Gone Astray’ and Other Papers from Household Words, 1851–1859 . J. M. Dent/Orion Publishing Group, 1998. Reproduced in DJO: Dickens Journals Online . Web. Accessed 30 May 2018. Smiley, Jane. Charles Dickens . London: Weidenfeld

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Genetic testing for Mendelian stroke due to cerebrovascular anomalies and other syndromes

Mendelian stroke due to cerebrovascular anomalies and other syndromes (Other synonyms: Cerebral infarction) General information about the disease The World Health Organization defines stroke as a focal (or at times global) neurological impairment of sudden onset, lasting more than 24 h (or leading to death) and of presumed vascular origin ( 1 ). 85% of strokes are due to cerebral ischemia and 15% to intracerebral hemorrhage ( 2 , 3 ). Stroke is the third leading cause of death and the most common cause of disability in developed countries. Genetic

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