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-defined simulator case. — Proc. IFAC Sympos. Manufacturing, Modeling, Management and Control, MIM , Rio Patras, Greece, pp. 377-382. Kamola M. and Miazga P. (2001): Global and local optimization algotithms in automated waveguide design. — Proc. 5-th Nat. Conf. Evolutionary Algorithms and Global Optimization , Jastrzębia Góra, Poland, pp. 97-105. Kamola M. (2004): Algorithms for Optimisation Problems with Implicit and Feasibility Constraints. — Ph.D. thesis, Warsaw University of Technology, available at Papalambros P.Y. (1988

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the optimized rotor are increased. The comparison of streamlines illustrated in Fig. 8 shows an improvement in flow pattern at the suction side of the optimized rotor, which confirms the decreased loss regions at the suction surface observed in the earlier figure. Figure 7 Comparison of total pressure contours behind the original (left) and optimized (right) rotor Figure 8 Comparison of streamlines in the original (left) and optimised (right) rotor 6 Conclusions The paper describes the idea of direct constrained optimisation of flow systems in the turbomachinery

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