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of product as a strategy of e-business , International Review, 1-2, 74-82. Galvin, P. 2009. Product Modularity and the Contextual Factors that Determine Its Use as a Strategic Tool , Curtin University of technology, Perth. Bellgran, M., Säfsten, K. 2009. Production development. Design and operation of production systems , Springer, London. STEVENSON, W.J. 2002. Operation management , McGraw-Hill, London. Operation Manager Definition, [access 8.02.2018]. Guenther, C


This paper deals with a reliability model developed for a single-unit system which goes for preventive maintenance after a pre-specific time ‘t’ up to which no failure occurs. There is a single server who takes some time to arrive at the system for doing repair activities. The unit does not work as new after repair at complete failure and so called the degraded unit. The degraded unit is replaced by new one after its failure with some replacement time. The failure time, preventive maintenance time, replacement time and repair time of the unit are taken as Weibull distributed with common shape parameter and different scale parameters. The switching devices are perfect. The system is observed at suitable regenerative epochs to obtain various measures of system effectiveness of interest to system designers and operation managers.

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applied to medium-sized enterprises. In this instance, it was the Operations Manager who was responsible for defining KPI 1, i.e. for increasing the percentage of customer orders that arrived on time and were tailored to customer requirements. A target value in medium-sized enterprises was determined by the Operations Manager in cooperation with the Logistics Supervisor, whereas in two out of five businesses analysed, it is only a Logistics Supervisor who acted without any cooperation with the Operations Manager. Logistics engineers were in charge of KPI 1 measurements

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roles of employer, operations manager and safety professional. Journal of Safety Research, 41(5), 423-431. DOI: Zohar, D., and Luria, G., 2005. A multilevel model of safety climate: Cross-level relationships between organizations and group-level climates. The Journal of Applied Psychology, 90(4), 616-628. DOI:

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back from the drilling process. In order to navigate costs and labour shortages in Ireland, Suretank subcontracted with a Polish manufacturer to produce the new product, causing no strain on cash flow. As operations became more complex, Suretank hired a dedicated operations manager. With a foundation of capacity and organisation Suretank moved to find new businesses, including via acquisition of a UK factory, which enabled the introduction of carbon steel acid tanks and, in 2007, a move into Asia. At this time, Suretank also established regional sales offices in