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The mantle is the most voluminous part of the Earth. However, mantle petrologists usually have to rely on indirect geophysical methods or on material found ex situ. In this review paper, we point out the in-situ existence of oceanic core complexes (OCCs), which provide large exposures of mantle and lower crustal rocks on the seafloor on detachment fault footwalls at slow-spreading ridges. OCCs are a common structure in oceanic crust architecture of slow-spreading ridges. At least 172 OCCs have been identified so far and we can expect to discover hundreds of new OCCs as more detailed mapping takes place. Thirty-two of the thirty-nine OCCs that have been sampled to date contain peridotites. Moreover, peridotites dominate in the plutonic footwall of 77% of OCCs. Massive OCC peridotites come from the very top of the melting column beneath ocean ridges. They are typically spinel harzburgites and show 11.3–18.3% partial melting, generally representing a maximum degree of melting along a segment. Another key feature is the lower frequency of plagioclase-bearing peridotites in the mantle rocks and the lower abundance of plagioclase in the plagioclase-bearing peridotites in comparison to transform peridotites. The presence of plagioclase is usually linked to impregnation with late-stage melt. Based on the above, OCC peridotites away from segment ends and transforms can be treated as a new class of abyssal peridotites that differ from transform peridotites by a higher degree of partial melting and lower interaction with subsequent transient melt.


Using the concept of converse commuting mappings, our target is to prove some common fixed point theorems with respect to a contractive condition under implicit function relations and an integral type contractive condition in fuzzy symmetric spaces.


The basic database for a geographic information system (BD GIS) forms the core of a national spatial data infrastructure. Nowadays decisions are being made about the potential data sources for additional data updates and refinement of the BD GIS. Will the data from departmental or other information system administrators serve for this purpose?

This paper gives an answer as to whether it is advisable to use “geodetic mapping” (the results realized in the process of land consolidation) or “cadastral mapping” (the results realized in the process of the renewal of cadastral documentation by new mapping) for additional data updates. In our analysis we focus on the quality parameters at the individual data element level, namely the positional accuracy, attribute accuracy, logical consistency, and data resolution. The results of the analysis are compared with the contents of the Object Class Catalog of BD GIS (OCC), which describes the group of objects managed by BD GIS and defines the data collection methods, types of geometry and its properties.


Composites are materials used for various types of constructions in the automotive industry, aviation, and shipbuilding. Due to the wide use of these materials, there is a problem with their recycling. Such material requires appropriate processing technology, which has been developed to obtain a recyclate with a specific granulation. The use of hand laminating technology made composites with the addition of polyester and glass recyclate with granulation of 1.2, as well as content: 0%, 20%, 30%. These types of materials are exposed to various types of atmospheric factors that affect their durability. Aging is defined as changes in the composite when exposed to atmospheric conditions, such as sunlight, temperature, thermal cycles, water in various forms and wind. This article uses recycled polyester and glass composites to investigate the effect of aging in seawater on their strength properties. These tests can be used to pre-assess the applicability of newly developed materials as construction or protective coatings. They were carried out on a specially prepared station for accelerated tests, with elevated temperature (35ºCC), as well as brine spray imitating sea atmosphere. The method is used to accelerate the aging processes occurring in composite materials. Samples were subjected to cycles of 5, 30 and 60 days respectively. Samples were weighed and measured before and after each cycle. In order to investigate the effect of aging on strength properties, the composites underwent a static tensile test in accordance with the standard for plastics. Studies have shown that as a result of the aging process, the strength properties decrease slightly, which affects the favourable assessment of these materials as constructional.

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