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Sports Diplomacy of Norway

-15>. Medal table. BBC. 13 August 2012. Web. 3 June 2015, <>. Niche diplomacy: a key for smaller states to become visible? The example of Norway and peacemaking diplomacy. 22 March 2012, Web. 15 June 2015, <>. Norway’s image abroad - a shared responsibility. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 9 January 2013. Web. 13 June 2015, <https

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Price Rigidity in Norway in the Nineteenth Century

.). (2004). Historical Monetary Statistics for Norway 1819-2003 (Occasional Papers ed.), Norges Bank. Eitrheim, Ø., Klovland, J. T., & Qvigstad, J. F. (2007). “Historical Monetary Statistics for Norway - Part II.” Norges Bank Occasional Papers, 38/2007. Grytten, O. H. (2004). “The Gross Domestic Product for Norway 1830-2003.” In Ø. Eitrheim, J. T. Klovland & J. F. Qvigstad (Eds.), Historical Monetary Statistics for Norway 1819-2003 (pp. 241- 288), Norges Bank. Hanes, C. (1993). “The Development of Nominal Wage Rigidity in

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The Norwegian Twittersphere
Structure and Dynamics

were posted by users based in the United States. This means that the majority of current Twitter research is forced to make only global observations which do not necessarily offer much insight into the uses of Twitter in specific national and local contexts. This article addresses some of these limitations by taking a new approach to the comprehensive study of an entire national Twittersphere. Its main purpose is to investigate the key characteristics of the historic and present-day Norwegian Twittersphere; in particular, in doing so it also examines the role of

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Model of State Management of Petroleum Sector – Case of Norway

References Act 29 November 1996 No. 72 relating to petroleum activities. Web. 28 June 2016, <>. Al-Kasim, F., Managing Petroleum Resources: The ‘Norwegian Model’ in a Broad Perspective, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, Oxford 2006. Carrington, D., Norway confirms $900bn sovereign wealth fund’s major coal divestment, “The Guardian” (5 June 2015), June 5, 2015. Web. 28 June 2016, <

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“Now I know Norway from within”
Boundary Work and Belonging in Au Pairs’ Narratives

, gendered, racial and class lenses ( Hess & Puckhaber 2004 ; Anderson 2007 ; Cox 2007 ; Durin 2015 ). In Norwegian academia and the media, au pairs (mainly Filipinos) have been portrayed as victims of exploitation ( Øien 2009 ; Bikova 2010 ; Sollund 2010 ; Isaksen & Stenum 2011 ). This article aims to use different research optics and consider au pairs as subjects of perception in the receiving context rather than objects of locals’ views. By the fact of relocation, immigrants immerse themselves in a new social structure and culture, rules of communication and a

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“My children are Norwegian but i am a foreigner”
Experiences of African immigrant parents within Norwegian welfare society

Introduction In contemporary Europe many people are on the move to secure a better life for their future. Many of them are coming to Scandinavia, quite a few from developing countries in the global South. Adults who bring their children with them or who will give birth in the years to come, face the challenge of raising their children in a totally new sociocultural environment. The aim of this article is to shed light on parenting as experienced by the adults of eight families with East- or West-African backgrounds living in Norway, and on how the role of

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Latvian Migrants’ Circular or Permanent Migration to Norway:
Economic and Social Factors

-308, DOI: 10.1080/13504630.2010.482401. Bygnes, S & Erdal, MB 2017, Liquid migration, grounded lives: considerations about future mobility and settlement among Polish and Spanish migrants in Norway, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, vol. 43, no. 1, pp. 102-118. Cairns, D 2014, Youth transitions, international student mobility and spatial reflexivity , Palgrave Macmillan, New York. Ciupijus, Z 2011, ‘Mobile central eastern Europeans in Britain: successful European Union citizens and disadvantaged labour migrants?’ Work, Employment and Society

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Does Norwegian alcohol policy favour lower alcohol content beverages? A historical overview

Alkoholstatistik (1910): Alkoholstatistik I (Alcohol statistics I). Kristiania: Det statistiske centralbyraa Andresen, K. N. (1846): Haandbog i Afholds-reformens Grundsætninger (Handbook in the principles of temperance reform). Christiania: P. T. Mallings Forlags-Boghandel Brun-Gulbrandsen, S. (1976): Alkoholbruk blant norsk ungdom (The use of alcohol among Norwegian youth). Oslo: Universitetsforlaget Fuglum, P. (1999): Et onde avskaffer man! Arbeiderbevegelsen og alkoholen fra Marcus Thrane til

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Resistance of Norway spruce to Heterobasidion root rot

defence and genetical resistance of Norway spruce against Heterobasidion annosum , w: Proceedings of the Eighth IUFRO Conference on Root and Butt Rots (M. Johansson, J. Stenlid red.) Sweden/Finland, August 1993. Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Uppsala, Sweden: 1-9. Elfstrand M., Fossdal C.G., Swedjemark G., Clapham D., Olsson O., Sitbon F. et al. 2001. Identification of candidate genes for use in molecular breeding - a case study with the Norway spruce defensin-like gene, spi 1. Silvae Genetica 50(2): 75

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The Eurasian eagle-owl (Bubo bubo) diet in the Trøndelag region (Central Norway)

References Domen D & Seland J 2016: How fast do amphibians disperse? Introductions, distribution and dispersal of the common frog (Rana temporaria) and the common toad (Bufo bufo) on a coastal island in Central Norway. Fauna Norvegica 36: 33-46. DOI: 10.5324/fn.v36i0.1965. Emmet RE, Mikkola H, Mummery L & Westerhof G 1972: Prey found in Eagle Owl’s nest in central Sweden. British Birds 65: 482-483. Hagen Y 1952: Hubroen Bubo bubo L.: 351-377. In Hagen Y: Rovfuglene og viltpleien [Birds of prey and game

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