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Norway 1819-2003 (Occasional Papers ed.), Norges Bank. Eitrheim, Ø., Klovland, J. T., & Qvigstad, J. F. (2007). “Historical Monetary Statistics for Norway - Part II.” Norges Bank Occasional Papers, 38/2007. Grytten, O. H. (2004). “The Gross Domestic Product for Norway 1830-2003.” In Ø. Eitrheim, J. T. Klovland & J. F. Qvigstad (Eds.), Historical Monetary Statistics for Norway 1819-2003 (pp. 241- 288), Norges Bank. Hanes, C. (1993). “The Development of Nominal Wage Rigidity in the Late 19th Century.” The American Economic Review, 83(4), 732-756. Retrieved from http

were posted by users based in the United States. This means that the majority of current Twitter research is forced to make only global observations which do not necessarily offer much insight into the uses of Twitter in specific national and local contexts. This article addresses some of these limitations by taking a new approach to the comprehensive study of an entire national Twittersphere. Its main purpose is to investigate the key characteristics of the historic and present-day Norwegian Twittersphere; in particular, in doing so it also examines the role of

Abstract: Keywords: © 2019 Anne Jorunn Frøyen. This is an open access article licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License ( HoST - Journal of History of Science and Technology Vol. 13, no. 1, June 2019, pp. 28-50 10.2478/host-2019-0002 BEFORE THE SILENT SPRING: PESTICIDES IN TWENTIETH-CENTURY EUROPE special issue Influencing for Results: Bees, Beekeepers and Norwegian Pesticide Legislation Anne Jorunn Frøyen Jærmuseet University of Agder, Norway Anne

Weissenberg K., Dimitri L. 1998. Host Resistance, w: Heterobasidion annosum , Biology, Ecology, Impact and Control (S. Woodward, J. Stenlid, R. Karjalainen, A. Hüttermann red.), Cab International, 143-166. ISBN 9780851992754. Dimitri L. 1976. Die Resistenz der Fichte gegenüber dem Wurzelschwamm Fomes annosus. Forstwissenschaftliche Forschungen , 36: 67-75. Dimitri L. 1994. Host defence and genetical resistance of Norway spruce against Heterobasidion annosum , w: Proceedings of the Eighth IUFRO Conference on Root and Butt Rots (M. Johansson, J. Stenlid red.) Sweden

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between crown lenght and seed production in Norway spruce trees ( Picea abies [L.] Karst.). Annals of Warsaw Agricultural University. Forestry and Wood Technology 56: 76–86. Buraczyk W. 2006. Relation between social status and seed production in Norway spruce trees ( Picea abies [L.] Karst.). Annals of Warsaw Agricultural University. Forestry and Wood Technology 60: 85–93. Burzyński G., Czart J., Fonder W., Korczyk A., Matras J. (kierownik zespołu), Puchniarski T., Tomczyk A., Załęski A. 1993. Program zachowania zasobów leśnych i hodowli selekcyjnej drzew leśnych