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, Bart. 2011. Are Normative Properties Descriptive Properties? Philosophical Studies 154: 325-348. Sturgeon, Nicholas. 1988. Moral Explanations. In Essays on Moral Realism . Edited by G. Sayre-McCord. Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 229-255.

the intentional is normative for some metaphysical debates. In particular, he tries to show how this claim implies that normative properties cannot be reduced to non- normative ones, although he thinks this is still compatible with a form of naturalism. In part III of the book, Wedgwood addresses some epistemological aspects of his view. Since he has committed himself with metaphysical realism about normative properties, he will endorse a form of cogni- tivism. Once more, he introduces an analogy with the acquisition of perceptual beliefs in order to