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et al ., 2008 ). Many of the snails consumed in Nigeria are sourced from the wild, only few are reared; hence, wild snail population have considerably declined. In addition, deforestation, pesticide use and bushfires have further reduced the number of snails ( Esak & Takerhash, 1992 ). Snail consumption could be one route to human infection particularly when eaten raw or undercooked. The African giant snail of Achatina achatina, A. fulica, Achachatina marginata with Limicolaria spp are the common edible land snails in Nigeria ( Fagbuaro et al ., 2006 ). A

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individuals are equal, each having just one vote (Kuenzi and-Lambright, 2007). However, low voter turnout frequently means that there is unequal participation, in which participation is lopsided against those with lower socio-economic status ( Lijphart, 1997 ). Voting is increasingly becoming of great significance in Nigeria, as in many other countries in Africa, because elections are the means to attain positions of power and the distribution of a state’s resources ( Nwankwo, 2018 ). The manifestation and factors of voter turnout in African democracies have received