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Islamophobia is a cultural based discrimination which targets the Muslim community. This research tries to be evaluate Islamophobia is from the viewpoint of Islamists in Turkey. As an Islamist group the National Outlook movement is chosen since they are the most prominent and effective Islamist group in Turkish society and politics. The National Outlook movement’s view of Islamophobia has common features about Islam with Islamophobic groups. And while discussing Islamophobia, they direct the same evil to Christian and Jewish society as Islamophobic groups direct towards Islam.

“borrowed” from the Islamic tradition ( Denoeux 2002 , 61). On the one hand, it represents a radical challenge to the modern nation state; on the other hand, Islamism is characterised by exclusivist claims of a monopoly on religious knowledge and universal responsibility. Conversely, inclusion, political pluralism, democratic compromise, and acceptance of differences in belief, are anathema to Islamism. Islamists of all persuasions, including adherents of Turkey’s more moderate National Outlook movement, have a deep conviction that “Islam is the answer” to virtually all