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Sardar, a modern Muslim scholar who lives and works in the United Kingdom (UK). Out of the vast number of topics that he considers in his works, I choose to tackle the issue of generating a peaceful multicultural society for respectful coexistence. The second objective is to draw some lessons from the statistics, empirical facts, and theoretical materials related to multiculturalism and debates around the topic. The paper, first, presents the contemporary situation that has been formed in the countries of the EU in recent years. Secondly, it offers an overview of

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. The paper begins by discussing the legacy of ethnic conflict in the region and the consociational framework that has been designed to manage division in Northern Ireland ( Mitchell et al. 2009 ; Wilford, 2010 ). The paper then moves on to consider the extent to which Northern Irish society has become more multicultural as a result of immigration in recent years. Some space is given here for the discussion of multicultural principles and their relationship with minority language debates ( Kymlicka & Patten, 2003 ; Karim, 2007 ; McMonagle, 2010 ; McMonagle

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In recent years, a lively debate has erupted over whether and how interculturalism differs from multiculturalism as a response to cultural diversity (for example, Meer, Modood, & Zapata-Barrero 2016 ; Barrett 2013 ; Meer & Modood 2012 ; Kymlicka 2012 ; Levey 2012 ; Taylor 2012 ; Wieviorka 2012 ; Bouchard 2011 ). An influential argument in this debate is that multiculturalism itself militates against intercultural dialogue (ICD) (for example, Zapata-Barrero 2015 ; Cantle 2012 ; Council of Europe 2008 ). In this article, I want to scrutinise this

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