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Sustainable Mobility: Understanding the use of boda-boda motorcycle taxis in Kampala, Uganda. Published IIIEE Masters Thesis. [10] Muindi, K., & J. S. Nyabuta, O. (2018). Informal Motorcycle Business and Livelihoods in Urban Areas of Kenya: Evidence from Eldoret and Kakamega Towns. International Journal of Innovative Research and Development, 7(3), 74–87. [11] Peters, K., Mokuwa, E., Richards, P., & Jenkins, J. (2018). Gender Mainstreaming in the Motorcycle Taxi Sector in Rural Sierra Leone and Liberia. Research for Community Access Partnership (ReCAP). [12] Bishop, T

is currently only available in private labs and costs more than half the average Ugandan’s monthly salary. Without a formal diagnosis no child is able to receive proper care. With her husband working in Northern Uganda for weeks at a time, Justine was also unable to take her sons to the hospital when they had a bleed, as her only transport option was a motorcycle taxi. Due to long periods spent at home caused by constant joint bleeds, all three of her sons with haemophilia are behind with their education. Through the NNHF project, Justine and her sons were able to

Advanced Industrial Democracies, fifth ed. CQ Press, Washington, D.C. Dalton R.J. 2008 Citizen Politics: Public Opinion and Political Parties in Advanced Industrial Democracies, fifth ed CQ Press Washington, D.C Ezeibe, C.C. Nzeadibe, T.C. Ali, A.N. Udeogu C.U. Nwankwo, C.F. and Ogbodo, C. (2017). Work on wheels: collective organising of motorcycle taxis in Nigerian cities. International Development Planning Review 39(3): 249-273. 10.3828/idpr.2017.10 Ezeibe C.C. Nzeadibe T.C. Ali A.N. Udeogu C.U. Nwankwo C.F. Ogbodo C. 2017 Work