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regards care and use of laboratory animals. References 1 Ayadi Z.E.M., Gey D., Justine J.L., Tazerouti F.:A new species of Microcotyle (Monogenea: Microcotylidae) from Scorpaena notata (Teleostei: Scorpaenidae) in the Mediterranean Sea. Parasitol Int2017, 66, 37–42. Ayadi Z.E.M. Gey D. Justine J.L. Tazerouti F. A new species of Microcotyle (Monogenea: Microcotylidae) from Scorpaena notata (Teleostei: Scorpaenidae) in the Mediterranean Sea Parasitol Int2017 66 37 42 2 Bouguerche C., Gey D., Justine J.L., Tazerouti F.:Microcotyle visa n. sp. (Monogenea: Microcotylidae

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