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R eferences [1] M.-F. Kuo, Y.-H. Hung and J.-Y. Huang, ”Substitution effects on magnetic properties of Mg 1.3− xMnxAlyFe 1.8− yO 4 ”, AIP Advances , vol. 7, 056104-1-6, (2017). [2] O. M. Hemeda, N. Y. Mostafa, O. H. Abd Elkader and M. A. Ahmed, ”Solubility limits MnMg ferrites system under hydrothermal conditions”, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials , vol. 364, pp. 3946, (2014). [3] N. Lwin, A. Fauzi, M. N. S. Sreekantan and R. Othman, ”Physical and electromagnetic properties of nanosized Gd substituted MgMn ferrites by solution combustion method