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The Loss of the Great Outdoors: Neither Correlationist Gem nor Kantian Catastrophe

.press. Brassier, R., Grant, I. H., Harman, G., & Meillassoux, Q. (2007). Speculative Realism (Annex to Collapse II). Collapse: Philosophical Research and Development, III, (pp. 307-451). Falmouth: Urbanomic. Downing, L. (2013). ‘George Berkeley’. The Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, (Spring). Retrieved from Fichte, J. G. (1991). Science of Knowledge; With the First and Second Introductions (P. Heath & J. Lachs, Trans.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

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Book Review

. Meillassoux, Quentin 2008. After Finitude . Trans. Ray Bassier. London, Oxford, New York: Bloomsbury. Metz, Christian 1974. Film Language: A Semiotics of the Cinema . Trans. Michael Taylor. Chicago: Chicago University Press. Ojamaa, Maarja 2015. ‘Book review: Jarmo Valkola, Filmi audiovisuaalne keel [Audiovisual Language of Cinema] ’. – Baltic Screen Media Review 3, 126–128. (17 October 2016). Remsu, Olev 2004–2006. ‘Filmidraamatehnika’. – Teater. Muusika. Kino 2004 2 – 2006 1

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”The Use of Other Media within Film as a Passage to Material Reality.”
Interview with Lúcia Nagib

: Articulations of Cinema, Nation, and Spectatorship, 1895–1925. Berkeley: University of California Press. Herzog, Werner. 1978. Vom Gehen im Eis [ Of Walking in Ice ]. München: C. Hanser Verlag. Kluge, Alexander. 1975. Kommentare zum Antagonistischen Realismusbegriff [Commentaries on the Notion of Antagonistic Realism]. In Gelegenheitsarbeit einer Sklavin: Zur realistischen Methode [ Part-Time Work of a Domestic Slave ], 187–250. Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp. Meillassoux, Quentin. 2016. After Finitude: An Essay on the Necessity of Contingency . London

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