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Rotating Shaft Tilt Angle Measurement Using an Inclinometer

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Numerical Analysis of Isotropy Electromagnetic Sensor Measurement Error

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Influence of Wilbraham-Gibbs Phenomenon on Digital Stochastic Measurement of EEG Signal Over an Interval

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An Algebraic Approach to Unital Quantities and their Measurement

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Torsor Theory of Physical Quantities and their Measurement

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Design of MEMS accelerometer based acceleration measurement system for automobiles

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Rapid Measurement of Involute Profiles for Scroll Compressors

References Morishita, E. (1993). A basic technology of scroll compressor. Japan Industrial Publishing CO. LTD., Turbo Machinery 21-12, 720-728. Chen, Y., Halm, N., Groll, E., Braun, J. (2002). Mathematical modeling of scroll compressors — part 1: compression process modeling. International Journal of Refrigeration , 25 (6), 731-750. Inada, A., Gao, W. (2007). A high-speed profile measurement system for scroll compressors. In Proceedings of the 4 th International Conference on

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Optimization Method for Solution Model of Laser Tracker Multilateration Measurement

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Accuracy of the measurement with the second order axial gradiometer

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Influence of interface cables termination impedance on radiated emission measurement

References IEC Standard. (2008). Information Technique Equipment - Radio Disturbance Characteristics - Limit and Methods of Measurement. CISPR 22. Edition 6.0. Bittera, M., Smiesko, V., Kovac, K. (2006). Problem of bundled two-wire cable of tested equipment in emission measurement. Radioengineering , 15 (4), 22-26. Bittera, M., Smiesko, V., Kovac, K. (2007). Interference cable effect to EMI measurement results. In Meditarreanen Microwave Symposium , 14-16 May 2007. Budapest

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