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Anisakidosis is a zoonotic infection caused by ingestion of raw or undercooked marine fish including Atherina. In some parts of Egypt, the prevalence of anisakid larvae in marine Atherina still, largely, undetermined. Moreover, the currently used procedures are insufficient to avoid human infection. The aim of this study was to identify the prevalence of anisakid larvae in marine Atherina and to test the effect of several treatment procedures on the viability of anisakid larvae. The infection rate of marine Atherina with anisakid larvae was 23.12 %. Anisakid larvae protein revealed molecular weights ranged from 11.5 - 118.5 Kilo Dalton (KDa.). Moreover, freezing at -20 °C for 21 hours (hrs.) as well as vinegar (5 %) treatment for 3 days were the most effective ways to inactivate the larvae. This study states the zoonotic risk of consuming raw or undercooked marine Atherina and highlights the importance of freezing and vinegar treatment in preventing human infection.