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Penetrative convection due to absorption of radiation in a magnetic nanofluid saturated porous layer

as numerically. The authors observed that the parameters Rn and Le decelerate the onset of convection for both oscillatory and stationary mode of convection, whereas, the parameter N advances the A onset of convection for stationary convection and delays the onset of convection for oscillatory convection. For more interesting studies related to nanofluid convection subject to an applied magnetic field, the reader may refer to [ 18 , 19 , 20 , 21 , 22 ] and references therein. Magnetic nanofluids (MNFs or ferrofluids) are the nanofluids that consist of

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Experimental investigation on heat transfer rate of Co–Mn ferrofluids in external magnetic field

smart cooling devices [ 3 ]. In metal and metal oxide nanoparticles dispersed in carrier fluids, the heat transfer rate is high as compared to conventional fluids, such as water, vacuum pump fluid, engine oil and ethylene glycol [ 4 ]. The heat transfer rate in nanofluids is dramatically increased due to the application of external magnetic field because of the effective heat conduction through the chain like structures of magnetic nanoparticles [ 5 ]. Nkurikiyimfura et al. [ 6 ] reported in his review paper about the use of magnetic nanofluids in heat transfer medium

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Influence Of Nanoparticles Diameter On Structural Properties Of Magnetic Fluid In Magnetic Field

Ultrasound Attenuation in a Ferrofluid, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 37 No. 22 (2004), 3073. [10] SOKOLOV, V. : Wave Propagation in Magnetic Nanofluids (A review), Acoustical Physics 56 No. 9 (2010), 972–988. [11] PATEL, JK.—PAREKH, K. : Effect of Carrier and Particle Concentration on Ultrasound Properties of Magnetic Nanofluids, Ultrasonics 55 (2015), 26–32. [12] PAREKH, K.—PATEL, J.—UPADHYAY, RV. : Ultrasonic Propagation: A Technique to Reveal Field Induced Structures in Magnetic Nanofluids, Ultrasonics 60 (2015), 126–132. [13

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Study of Heat Transfer with Nonlinear Thermal Radiation on Sinusoidal Motion of Magnetic Solid Particles in a Dusty Fluid

Magnetic Field in a Non-uniform Channels. Appl. Math. Comput., 153 (2004), 763-777. [38] Sheikholeslami, M., M. M. Rashidi, T. Hayat, D. D. Ganji. Free Convec- tion of Magnetic Nanofluid Considering MFD Viscosity Effect. J. Mol. Liq., 218 (2016), 393-399. [39] Sheikholeslami, M., D. D. Ganji, M. M. Rashidi. Magnetic Field Effect on Unsteady Nanofluid Flow and Heat Transfer using Buongiorno Model. J. Magn. Magn. Mater., 416 (2016), 164-173. [40] Zeeshan, A., A. Majeed, R. Ellahi. Effect of Magnetic Dipole on Viscous Ferro

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Numerical Solutions by EFGM of MHD Convective Fluid Flow Past a Vertical Plate Immersed in a Porous Medium in the Presence of Cross Diffusion Effects via Biot Number and Convective Boundary Condition

., Rashidi M.M. and Ganji D.D. (2015): Numerical investigation of magnetic nanofluid forced convective heat transfer in existence of variable magnetic field using two phase model . – J. Mol. Liq., vol.212, pp.117–126. [7] Sheikholeslami M., Vajravelu K. and Rashidi M.M. (2016): Forced convection heat transfer in a semi annulus under the influence of a variable magnetic field . – Int. J. Heat Mass Transf., vol.92, pp.339–348. [8] Sivaiah S. and Srinivasa Raju R. (2013): Finite element solution of heat and mass transfer flow with Hall current heat source and

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