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Catalytic systems composed of metal chloride (InCl3, ScCl3, YCl3, YbCl3, LaCl3, BiCl3, ZnCl3 and CuCl3) and 1-butyl-1-methylpyrrolidinium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)-imide, [C1C4Pyrr][NTf2] as ionic liquid were prepared. Catalytic activity of all the systems were compared in acetalization reaction between cyclohexanone and triethyl orthoformate. 1,1-Diethoxycyclohexane were formed with high yield and the selectivity at 0°C within 5 minutes. Selected metal chlorides immobilized in ionic liquid were recycled 5 times without a decrease in their activities

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ANVIL 31 (1) March 2015 DOI: 10.1515/anv-2015-0002 3 Between Diaspora and Mainstream: Making Sense of Muslim Communities in Britain Philip Lewis Introduction To understand the diverse ethno-Muslim communities which have made Britain their home over a period of sixty years requires insights drawn a variety of academic disciplines, especially migration studies, the sociology of religion and history. These studies illuminate the specificities of competing understandings of Islam that migrant communities brought with them from their countries of