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The inventory of the trichopterofaunas of all Rovno amber sites is provided for the first time. Syninclusions of all Rovno amber caddisflies determined to the species level are also listed for the first time. At least 29 named species are known in Klesov, as compared with only 21 species recorded in Bitterfeld amber. Eocene caddisflies are recorded in Belarus and Zhitomir Region for the first time, and new sites of inclusions are revealed as well: Rechitsa in Belarus, Olevsk in Zhitomir Region, Kuchotskaya Volia in Rivne Region. Rechitsa yielded Erotesis bessylenon Melnitsky et Ivanov, 2016, the first undoubtedly new Eocene taxon described from Belarus. This paper is also the first to involve the data on Danish amber caddisflies in comparison of the faunas. Only five genera from four families (Wormaldia McLachlan, 1865, Archaeotinodes Ulmer, 1912, Lype McLachlan, 1878, Holocentropus McLachlan, 1878, and Plectrocnemia Stephens, 1836) are known from four European Lagerstätten: Baltic, Bitterfeld, Danish and Rovno amber. Archaeotinodes igneusaper Melnitsky, 2009 is mentioned for Rovno amber for the first time. Genera Allotrichia McLachlan, 1880 (Hydroptilidae) and Palaeocrunoecia Ulmer, 1912 (Lepidostomatidae) are excluded from the Rovno amber fauna.

irrorata (Trichoptera: Lepidostomatidae) in Transcarpathian Ukraine. Ecologica Montenegrina , 18, 120–125. Mörch, O. A. L. 1864 [1863]. Fortegnelse over de i Danmark forekommende land- og ferskvandsblöddyr. Videnskabelige Meddelelser fra Dansk naturhistorisk Forening i Kjöbenhavn , 17–22, 265–367. Mráz, P., Ronikier, M. 2016. Biogeography of the Carpathians: evolutionary and spatial facets of biodiversity. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society , 119, 528–559. Pavluchenkova, O. V. 1997. Morphological-functional and caryologic analysis of molluscs of the