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Multiscale Fourier Landscape Pattern Indices For Landscape Ecology

REFERENCE Anderson, J.R., Hardy, E.E., Roach, J.T., Witmer, R.E. (1976). A land use and land cover classi cation system for use with remote sensor data . Geological survey professional paper 964, U.S. Geological Survey, Washington, D.C., 1976. Baker, W.L & Cai, Y. (1992). The r.le programs for multiscale analysis of land-scape structure using the grass geographical information system. Landscape Ecology, 7:291{302, 1992. Detenbeck, N., Johnston, C.A., Niemi, G. (1993). Wetland e ects on lake water quality in the minneapolis/st. paul

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Why are Cultural Landscapes of Various Values? Thinking About Heritage Landscape Evaluation and Monitoring Tools

References Aplin, G. (2007). World Heritage Cultural Landscapes. International Journal of Heritage Studies , 13 (6): 427-446. Audrerie, D. (1997). La notion et la protection du patrimoine. Presses Universitaires de France, Paris. Barata, F.T., Mascarenhas J. M. De (2002). Preservando a Memória do Território / Preserving the Land's Memories. Centro de Estudos de Ecossistemas Mediterrânicos, Universidade de Évora, Évora. Buckley, R. (1998). Tools and

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Monitoring Landscape Changes in Japan Using Classification of Modis Data Combined with a Landscape Transformation Sere (LTS) Model

References Chihlar, J., Huang, F., (1994). Effect of atmospheric correction and viewing angle restriction on AVHRR data composites. Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing, 20(2), 132-137. Fukushima, T., Iwase, T. (eds.) (2005). Vegetation of Japan. Asakura, Tokyo, 153 pp. (in Japanese) Goudie, A., (1993). The Human Impact of the Natural Environment. 4 th ed. Blackwell Publishers, Oxford, 454 pp. Haber, W., (1990). Using landscape ecology in planning and management. In Zooneveld, I.S. & Forman, R.T.T. (eds.), Changing Landscapes: An Ecological

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Beyond the Walls: Locating the Common Denominator in Herod’s Landscape Palaces

and the Archaeological Institute, Georg-August-University of Gottingen Jerusalem, November 3 rd -4 th 1988 , Gottingen. Gassner, E. (2015). “Luxurious Functionality”: The Role and Nature of the Inner Structure of Herod's Landscape Palaces (Hebrew). M.A. Thesis Dessirtation, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Levine, I. (1980). “Toward an Evaluation of Herod the Builder”, Cathedra 15, Pp . 52-55 (Hebrew). Lichtenberger, A. (2009). “Herod and Rome: Was Romanisation a Goal of the Building Policy of Herod?”, In: Jacobson & Kokkinos (eds.) Herod and

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An Assessment of Leporid Research and Landscape Ecology Metrics in a European Landscape

). Validating two methods for monitoring population size of the European rabbit ( Oryctolagus cuniculus ). Wildlife Research 29, pp. 431-437. DOI: 10.1071/WR01055. Barrio, I.C., Bueno, C.G. & Tortosa, F.S. (2009). Improving predictions of the location and use of warrens in sensitive rabbit populations. Animal Conservation 12, pp. 426-433. DOI: 10.1111/j.1469-1795.2009.00268.x. Barrio I.C., Acevedo, P. & Tortosa, F.S. (2010). Assessment of methods for estimating wild rabbit population abundance in agricultural landscapes. European Journal

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Time-Spatial Contextuality, Complexity, and Integrity of the Development and Cognition of Landscape Ecology (Selected Theoretical and Meta-Scientific Aspects)

R eferences Forman, R.T.T., Godron, M., (1993). Landscape ecology (in Czech). Academia Praha, 583 p. Hobbs, R. J., (1997). Future landscapes and the future of landscape ecology. Landscape and Urban Planning 37, 1–9. Kuhn, T. S., (1981). The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (in Slovak). Vydavateľstvo Pravda, Bratislava, 282 p. Mičian, Ľ., (1999). Geography, physical geography, landscape ecology: interpretation and function. (in Slovak). Geografický časopis, Bratislava 51, (4), 331-345. Paulov, J., (2012). Basic paradigms in

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Landscape Conservation: The Perspectives of Experts and Other Stakeholders

References Antrop, M., (2006). Sustainable landscapes: Contradiction, fiction or utopia? Landscape and Urban Planning. 75, 187-197. APAT, (2004). Carta della Natura alla scala 1:50.000. Metodologia di realizzazione In APAT, Manuali e Linee Guida n. 30. Arnstein, A., (1969). A ladder of citizenship participation. Journal of the American Institute of Planners. 26, 216-233. Avanzini, M., (2011). Paesaggi, geositi, valutazioni: la sfida di strutturare l'inafferrabile. In G. De Fino, G. & U. Morelli

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Monitoring of Biodiversity Changes in the Landscape Scale

Bastian, O., Lutz, M. (2006). Landscape functions as indicators for the development of local agri-environmental measures. Ecological Indicators , 6:215-227. Bailey, D., Herzog, F., Augenstein, I., Aviron, S., Billeter, R., Szerencsits, E. & Baudry, J. (2007). Thematic resolution matters: Indicators of landscape pattern for European agro-ecosystems. Ecological Indicators , 7: 692-709. Butchart, S.H.M., Stattersfield, A.J., Baillie, J., Bennun, L.A., Stuart, S.N., Akçakaya, H.R., Hilton-Taylor, C. & Mace, G.M. (2005

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Multi-Scale Effect on Landscape Pattern Analysis Using Satellite Data with a Range of Spatial Resolutions

References Allen, T.F.H., Starr, T.B. (1982). Hierarchy: Perspectives for ecological complexity. The University of Chicago Press, Chicago. Bain, D.J., Brush, G.S. (2004). Placing the pieces: Reconstructing the original property mosaic in a warrant and patent watershed. Landsc Ecol , 19(8): 843-856. Benson, B.J., Mackenzie, M.D. (1995). Effects of sensor spatial resolution on landscape structure parameters. Landsc Ecol , 10(2):113-120. Brown, J.H., West

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Present Approaches to Landscape Typology in the Czech Republic

References Bastian, O. (2000). Landscape classification in Saxony (Germany) - a tool for holisticregional planning. Landscape and Urban Planning , 50, pp. 145-155. Bunce, R.G.H., Barr, C. J., Clarke, R. T., Howard, D. C., Lane, A. M. J. (1996). Land Classification for Strategic Ecological Survey. Journal of Environmental Management , 47(1), pp. 37-60. doi:10.1006/jema.1996.0034 Culek, M. et al. (2005). Biogeografické členění ČR II . Enigma, Praha, 589 p. Demek, J., Quitt, E., Raušer, J

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