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“A right kind of rogue”: Lisa McInerney’s The Glorious Heresies (2015) and The Blood Miracles (2017)

Inside Story of How “Tuam 800” Became a Global Scandal . By Paul Jude Redmond. Newbridge: Merrion, 2018. Kindle Edition. Doyle, Martin. “ The Glorious Heresies by Lisa McInerney in Irish Times Book Club.” . The Irish Times 1 Mar. 2016. Web. 15 Jun. 2018. Hilliard, Betty. “Motherhood, Sexuality and the Catholic Church.” Motherhood in Ireland . Ed. Patricia Kennedy. Dublin: Mercier, 2004. 139–59. Print. Killeen, Jarlath. “How Celtic Tiger’s Death Led to a Gothic Revival.” . The Irish Times 28 Apr. 2017. Web. 2 Jul

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Memory and Forgetting in Lisa Appignanesi’S the Memory Man

References Appignanesi, Lisa [2004] 2005 The memory man. London: Arcadia Books. Appignanesi, Lisa Losing the dead. Toronto: McArthur & Company. Bernard-Donals, Michael F. 2009 Forgetful memory: Representation and remembrance in the wake of the Holocaust. Albany, NY: SUNY Press. Eaglestone, Robert 2008 The Holocaust and the postmodern . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Fine, Ellen S. 1998 “Transmission of memory: The Post-Holocaust generation in the diaspora”, in

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Suspect Survival: Matrophobia in Postmemory Generational Writing

Works Cited Antler, Joyce. You Never Call! You Never Write! A History of the Jewish Mother. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2007. Appignanesi, Lisa. Losing the Dead. 1999. London: Virago, 2013. Clementi, Federica K. Holocaust Mothers and Daughters: Family, History, and Trauma. Waltham: Brandeis UP, 2013. Feinstein, Margarete Myers. “Absent Fathers, Present Mothers: Images of Parenthood in Holocaust Survivor Narratives.” Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women’s Studies and Gender Issues 13 (2007): 155-82. Web. 27 June 2016. Fremont, Helen

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The efficiency of areal units in spatial analysis: Assessing the performance of functional and administrative regions

References ANSELIN, L. (1988): Spatial Econometrics: Methods and Models. Dordrecht, Kluwer Academic Publishers. ANSELIN, L. (1995): Local Indicators of Spatial Association - LISA. Geographical Analysis, 27(2): 93-115. APOLLONIO, N., BECKER, R. I., LARI, I., RICCA, F., SIMEONE, B. (2009): Bicolored graph partitioning, or: gerrymandering at its worst. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 157(17): 3601-3614. BEZÁK, A. (1997): Priestorová organizácia spoločnosti a územno-správne členenie štátu. Acta

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Beautiful Scars: Jewels in English Renaissance Drama

):167-196. Haraway, Donna. “A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century”. (1985). Online: Hopkins, Lisa. “The representation of narrative: what happens in Othello ”. Journal X 1:2 (spring, 1997): 159-174. Hopkins, Lisa. John Ford’s Political Theatre. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1994. Jones, William. History and Mystery of Precious Stone. London: Richard Bentley and son, 1880. Jonson, Ben. Sejanus. Ed

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Methods for Investigating Design and User Experience Through a Reflexivity Lab

References Argyle, Michael (1975) Bodily Communication. London: Methuen. Falk&Dierking (1992) The Museum Experience. Washington: Whalesback. Gardner, Howard (1983) Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. New York: Basic Books. Gjedde, Lisa (1999) ‘Fortællinger på nettet - fra cyberspace til fortællingens rum’ in Gjedde, Lisa & Ingemann, Bruno (2001) ‘In the Beginning was the Experience. The Experimental

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Assessment of geographical patterns of chronic respiratory diseases in children of Koper municipality

Spatial Data with GeoDa: A Workbook. Urbana: University of Illinois, Center of Spatially Integrated Social Science; 2005. Anselin L. Local indicators of spatial association: LISA. Geogr Anal 1995; 27: 93-116. Anselin L, Bera AK, Florax R, Yoon MI. Simple diagnostic tests for spatial dependence. Reg Sci Urban Econ 1996; 26: 77-104. Assuncao RM, Reis EA. A new proposal to adjust Moran's I for population density. Stat Med 1999; 18: 2147-62. ARSO. Kakovost zraka v

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Current Delimitation and Typology of the Czech Countryside and its Importance for Rural Development

Discussion Paper, University of Antwerp, Antwerp, (6. 4. 2012) Anselin, L. 2006. GeoDA: An Introduction to Spatial Analysis. Geographical Analysis, 38(1), pp. 5-22. Available at: . Anselin L. 2006 GeoDA: An Introduction to Spatial Analysis Geographical Analysis 38 1 5 22 Available at: . Anselin, L., 2010. Local Indicators of Spatial Association – LISA . Geographical Analysis, 27(2), pp

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Atypical presentations of primary genital syphilis in HIV-negative homosexually active men: a case series


We report four cases of primary syphilis of the penis in HIV-negative men having unprotected insertive oral sexual intercourse with men. Patients presented with atypical penile lesions mimicking genital herpes, balanitis, lichen planus and fi xed drug eruption. Syphilis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of other genital diseases, both sexually or non-sexually transmitted. Considering the increasing incidence of atypical manifestations of syphilis, serological tests for syphilis should also be performed more often.

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Other Stories: Experimental Forms of Contemporary Historying at the Crossroads Between Facts and Fictions

Archaeologies of the Future: Desire Called Utopia and Other Science Fiction . New York: Verso, 2005. 281–295. Lowe, Lisa. The Intimacies of Four Continents . Durham: Duke University Press, 2015. Munslow, Alun. “Introduction: Theory and Practice”. In Experiments in Rethinking History , edited by Alun Munslow and Robert A. Rosenstone. New York: Rout-ledge, 2004. 7–11. Munslow, Alun. The Future of History . London, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010. Orliński, Wojciech. Polska nie istnieje . Warszawa: Narodowe Centrum Kultury, 2015. Rieder, John

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