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The use of a Kalman filter in geodesy and navigation

, L.: Sekvencni vyrovnani, kolokace, Kalmanuv filtr. In: Geodeticky a kartograficky obzor 40/82, 1994, Vol.8, pp. 155-157. Welch, G., Bishop, G.: An Introduction to the Kalman Filter. UNC Chapel Hill, 2001. Welch, G., Bishop, G.: SCAAT: Incremental Tracking with Incomplete Information. UNC Chapel Hill, 1997.

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Kalman Filter Realization for Orientation and Position Estimation on Dedicated Processor

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Automatic Identification System (AIS) Dynamic Data Estimation Based on Discrete Kalman Filter (KF) Algorithm

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Study of the Effectiveness of Different Kalman Filtering Methods and Smoothers in Object Tracking Based on Simulation Tests

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Real-Time Freeway Traffic State Estimation Based on the Second-Order Divided Difference Kalman Filter

. (2004) A particle filter for freeway traffic estimation. In: Proceedings of the 43rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control , 2106–2111. 12. Mihaylova, L., Boel, R., Hegyi, A. (2006) An Unscented Kalman filter for freeway traffic estimation. In: Proceedings of 11th IFAC Symposium on Control in Transportation Systems , 31-36. 13. Nahi, N.E., Trivedi, A.N. (1973) Recursive estimation of traffic variables: section density and average speed, Transportation Science, 7, 269–286. 14. NGSIM dataset, (2005) - http

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Dynamics of Electricity Demand in Lesotho: A Kalman Filter Approach

References Hansen, B.E., (1992), Tests for Parameter Instability in Regressions with I(1) Processes, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Vol.10, no.3, pp. 321-335. Hunt, L.C., Judge, G., Ninomiya, Y., (2003), Underlying Trends and Seasonality in UK Energy Demand: A Sectoral Analysis, Energy Economics, Vol. 25, no. 1, pp. 93-118. Inglesi-Lotz, R., (2011), The Evolution of Price Elasticity of Electricity Demand in South Africa: A Kalman Filter Application, Energy Policy, Vol. 39, no. 6, pp. 3690

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Exploratory Assessment of the Limiting Extended Kalman Filter Properties

Filter: A general approach. Transportation Research Part B , 39, 141-167. 8. Wang, Y., Papageorgiou, M. and A. Messmer (May 2007). Real-time freeway traffic state estimation based on Extended Kalman Filter: A case study. Transportation Science , 41, 167-181. 9. Wang, Y., Papageorgiou, M., Messmer, A., Coppola, P., Tzimitsi, A. and A. Nuzzolo (2009). An adaptive freeway traffic state estimator. Automatica , 45(1), 10-24. 10. Ashok, K. and M. Ben-Akiva (1993). Dynamic O-D matrix estimation and prediction for real

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A Phase Difference Measurement Method Based on the Extended Kalman Filter for Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

, Y., Yang, H., Zhang, H., Liu, X. (2014). CMF signal processing method based on feedback corrected ANF and Hilbert transformation. Measurement Science Review , 14 (1), 41-47. [15] Mallat, S.G. (1989). Multi-frequency channel decomposition of images and wavelet models. IEEE Transactions on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing , 37 (12), 2071-2110. [16] Dash, P.K., Jena, R.K., Panda, G., Routray, A. (2000). An extended complex Kalman filter for frequency measurement of distorted signals. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation & Measurement, 49 (4

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An unscented Kalman filter in designing dynamic GMDH neural networks for robust fault detection

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Sky-Hook Control and Kalman Filtering in Nonlinear Model of Tracked Vehicle Suspension System

REFERENCES 1. Bajkowski J. M. (2012), Design, Analysis and Performance Evaluation of the Linear, Magnetorheological Damper, Acta Mechanica et Automatica , 6, 5-9. 2. Becerra V. M., Roberts P. D., Griffiths G. W. (2001), Applying the extended Kalman filter to systems described by nonlinear differential-algebraic equations, Control Engineering Practice , 9(3), 267-281. 3. Jamroziak K., Kosobudzki M., Ptak J. (2013), Assessment of the comfort of passenger transport in special purpose vehicles, Eksploatacja i Niezawodność , 15(1), 25

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