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In this paper we will build a bank model using Poisson measures and Jackson queueing networks. We take into account the relationship between the Poisson and the exponential distributions, and we consider for each credit/deposit type a node where shocks are modeled as the compound Poisson processes. The transmissions of the shocks are modeled as moving between nodes in Jackson queueing networks, the external shocks are modeled as external arrivals, and the absorption of shocks as departures from the network.

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adding large doses of CrO 3 (0.4 g CrO 3 /L urine) ( Muirhead, 2010 ). Chemical pre-treatment, while enabling distillation type systems, has numerous drawbacks including storage of large volumes of hazardous material, large consumable demand, incompatibility with membrane-based desalination systems, and production of large quantities of hazardous brine, which is difficult to further dewater ( Jackson et al., 2014 ). Biologically based treatment systems have the potential to provide a more sustainable, less costly treatment system. Biological treatment transforms