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The Charophytes of Israel: historical and contemporary species richness, distribution, and ecology

References ADLER R., AMIRAN D. H. K., ELIAKIM H., GILEAD M. H., HINBERGER Y., KADMON N., KANTOR M., SHACHAR A. & TSAMERET R. 1985. Atlas of Israel n Cartography, Physical and Human Geography. 3rd ed. 160 pp. Survey of Israel, Tel-Aviv; Macmillan Publishing Co, New York; Collier Macmillan, London. BARBER M. A. 1924. The effect of Chara robbinsii on mosquito larval. Publ. Health Rep. 39(13): 611-615. BARINOVA S. S., ANISSIMOVA O. V., NEVO E. & WASSER S. P. 2005. Diversity and ecology of phytoplankton and

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Freedom of Speech? Israeli Supreme Court Ruling 606/93 - Kidum Initiative Inc. versus the Israel Broadcasting Authority. A Rhetorical Language Analysis

conference of the Israeli Association for Applied Linguistics, Technion, Haifa. Gray, B. (1977). The grammatical foundations of rhetoric . The Hague: Mouton. Greenbaum, S. (1970). Verb-intensifier collocations in English . The Hague: Mouton. Grice, H. P. (1975). Logic & conversation. In P. Cole & J. L. Morgan (Eds.), Syntax & semantics. Vol. 3 (pp. 41-58). New York: Academic Press. Hudson, K. (1978). The language of modern politics . London: The Macmillan Press

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Prenatal Googling: Online Information Seeking by Israeli Women During Pregnancy

pregancy-related information. Midwifery . (consulted, 8, March, 2013). Gofin, R., Adler, B., & Palti, H. (2004) Screening tests in prenatal care: A national study in Israel. Israeli Medical Association Journal , 6 : 535-539. Hanna-Leena, M., & Lauri, S. (1999) Fears associated with pregnancy and childbirth: Experiences of women who have recently given birth. Midwifery , 15 (3): 177-182. Heper, M.M., Cohen, R.L., Beiteman, E.T., & Eaton, L. (1968) Life-events and acceptance of pregnancy. Journal of

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‘Jewish Genetics’ and the ‘Nature’ of Israeli Citizenship

References Abu El-Haj, N. (2012) The Genealogical Science: The Search for Jewish Origins and the Politics of Epistemology. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Abu El-Haj, N. (2002) Facts on the Ground: Archaeological Practice and Territorial Self-Fashioning in Israeli Society. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Adorno, T. (1980[1966]) Negative Dialectics. London: Bloomsbury. Ahad Ha’Am (1904) “Flesh and Spirit,” in Selected Essays by Ahad Ha’Am, L. Simon, trans. Philadelphia: The Jewish

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Twenty years of diplomatic relations between Vatican City state and Israel

Canon Law of 25 January 1983 Fastyn B , Jan Paweł II wobec konfliktu izraelsko-palestyńskiego, Warszawa 2002 Fundamental Agreement between the Holy See and the State of Israel, 30 December 1993. Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, http://wwwmfagovl/mfa/foreignpolicy/mfadocuments/yearbook9/pages/151%20fundamental%20agreement%20between%20the%20holy%20see%20andaspx, [access: 24 05 2015] Ignatowski G , Stolica Apostolska wobec Państwa Izrael w okresie wojny sześciodniowej, „Śląskie Studia Historyczno-Teologiczne” vol 42

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Identity and Sense of Place of Ghajar Residents Living in Border Junction of Syria, Israel and Lebanon

References Anderson, B. (1983). Imagined communities: Reflections on the origin and spread of nationalism. London: Verso. Ash, U. (2002). Ghajar says don't fence me in. Haaretz, 04.06.2002. Bar’el, Z. (2009). Getting Rid of Ghajar. Haaretz, 10.05.2009. Ben-Tzur, D. (1993). Interview with Khatib Jamal, a resident of Ghajar. (in Hebrew). Teva Ha-Dvarim, 2nd issue, February-March. Central Bureau of Statistics (Israel) (2015). Data from the 2008 Population Census. from http

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The Absolute Chronology of the Zoogenic Deposits From the Negev Desert (Israel)

speleothems from Soreq Cave, Israel. In: Issar AS and Brown N, eds., Water, environment and society in times of climatic change. Netherlands: 203-214. Benninghoff WS, 1962. Calculation of pollen and density in sediments by addition of exotic pollen in known amounts. Pollen et Spores 6: 332-333. Bronk Ramsey C, 1995. Radiocarbon calibration and analysis of stratigraphy: The OxCal Program. Radiocarbon 37: 425-430. Brooks J and Shaw G, 1972. Geochemistry of sporopollenin. Chemical Geology 10

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Treated wastewater irrigation effects on soil hydraulic conductivity and aggregate stability of loamy soils in Israel

.1029/2011WR010498/ Bhardwaj, A.K., Goldstein, D., Azenkot, A., Levy, G.J., 2007. Irrigation with treated wastewater under two different irrigation methods: Effects on hydraulic conductivity of a clay soil. Geoderma, 140, 199-206. Bond, W.J., 1998. Effluent irrigation - an environmental challenge for soil science. Aust. J. Soil Res., 36, 543-555. Brenner, A., 2012. Limitations and challenges of wastewater reuse in Israel. In: Quercia, F.F., Vidojevic, D. (Eds.): Clean Soil and Safe Water. Springer, Dordrecht

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Fulfillment in Continuity: The Orthodox Christian Theology of Biblical Israel


Concentrating on the Orthodox theology of biblical Israel within the context of fulfillment theology, the argument is that the early Church envisioned itself as the continuation of Israel of the Jewish Bible rather than its replacement. In the author’s view, the current understanding of the distinction between replacement and fulfillment theology, the early Christian theological conception of the Church as Israel, and the ways in which both contemporaneous pagans and Jews viewed the nascent Christian faith support this assertion.

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Collyriclosis in Red-backed shrikes Lanius collurio from Israel and Czech Republic


One juvenile Red-backed shrike (Lanius collurio) with a cutaneous cyst of Collyriclum faba under its beak was observed in Israel on 13 October 2016. Another Red-backed shrike (adult female) with multiple cutaneous cysts around the vent was observed in Průhonice, Czech Republic on 19 June 2017. A third Red-backed shrike (adult male) with three cutaneous cysts around the vent was observed in Mariánské Radčice, Czech Republic on 16 July 2017. In the Israeli case, two adult trematodes C. faba were found in the cutaneous cyst. In the two Czech cases, C. faba was identified indirectly by analysing the cutaneous cyst morphology. C. faba had never been recorded previously in Israel.

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