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mapping was developed in India by the Maratha rulers during the 17 th and 18 th centuries (Gogate & Arunachalam 2008). The history of Indian cartography entered into a new era in 1767 with establishment of the Survey of India (SOI) as the survey and mapping of India were taken over by the British colonial rulers. British rulers initiated mapping their territories and beyond in India with great accuracy. They started mapping to establish British power and supremacy in Indian subcontinent. Consequently, maps prepared during colonial period portrayed a British image of

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Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) curriculum in India, according to the national curriculum requirement, psychiatry is allocated 20 hours of lectures, optional clinical posting before the final professional examination, and 2 weeks of clinical posting during internship. There is, however, a vast variation regarding the duration of posting and quantum of teaching from one medical college to another ( Trivedi, 1998 ). According to the National Mental Health Survey (NMHS) of 2015–2016 (‘Gururaj G, Varghese M, Benegal V, Rao GN, Pathak K, Singh LK, Mehta RY

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