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Aim: To stress the importance of surgical planning when treating large dentigerous cysts.

Case Report: In a routine radiographic examination, a dentigerous cyst was revealed in a 20 years old male. A surgical approach that ensured the integrity of the inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) was applied. The incision was exceeded to the mesial surface of the first molar in order to create adequate surgical field and visibility. The final result was that the exposed nerve was protected successfully.

Conclusion: This case shows the necessity of a meticulous preparation, even in routine operations.


Inferior alveolar nerve injury is one of the most serious complications of mandibular molar surgery and may lead to litigation for mal-practice. Entrapment of the inferior alveolar nerve to roots of an impacted mandibular molars is extremely rare. The aim of this case report is to stress the importance of tooth multi-sectioning with the use of magnification for the safe removal of a deeply impacted second molar with entrapment of the inferior alveolar nerve in its proximal root.