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Phytodietus moragai Gauld, 1997, previously known from Costa Rica, is recorded from Ecuador for the first time. This is the second representative of the genus Phytodietus Gravenhorst, 1829 from South America. A description and illustration of the female of P. moragai is provided.

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A new species of the genus Enicospilus , E. kikuchii sp. nov., which belongs to the ichneumonid subfamily Ophioninae, is described based on two specimens that were collected in Saitama Prefecture of Honshû and Kagoshima Prefecture of Kyûshû in Japan. Enicospilus kikuchii sp. nov. belongs to the E. antefurcalis species-group. A key to species of the group and additional couplets for the key to Indo-Papuan Enicospilus species are provided.

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