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Influence of Hybrid Fibers on Toughness Behavior of High Strength Flowing Concrete

-12, 2008. 4. H. Okamura & M. Ouchi, Self compacting concrete, J. Adv.Concr Technol, 1(1), 1-15, 2003. 5. K.H. Khayat, R. Morin, Performance of self-consolidating concrete used to Repair parapet wall in Montreal, Proceedings of the first north American conference on the design and use of self-consolidating concrete, 475-481, 2002. 6. M. Sahmaran, A. Yurtseven & O.I. Yaman, Workability of hybrid fibers reinforced self-compacting concrete. Building & Environment Journal, 40, 1672-77, 2005. 7. W. Sun, H. Chen, X

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Load-Deflection Characteristics Of Steel, Polypropylene And Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams

R eferences 1. S. K. Kulkarni et. al Elastic properties of R.C.C under flexural loading, International Journal of Modern Engineering Research (IJMER) Vol.2, Issue 6, Nov-Dec. 2012, pp. 4022-4025 ISSN: 2249-6645 2. Qian CX, Stroeven P. Development of hybrid polypropylene-steel fibre reinforced concrete, Cement and Concrete Research, 30 (2000) 63-9. 3. Banthia N, Nandakumar N. Crack growth resistance of hybrid fiber reinforced cement composites, Cement and Concrete Composites, 25(2003) 3-9. 4. M. N. S. H Adi An Investigation of the Behaviour

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A Review of Fiber Synergy in Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete

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Mechanical Properties of Hybrid FRP Bars and Nano-Hybrid FRP Bars

. 95, pp. 623–635, 2015. 17. F. Elgabbas, E.A. Ahmed, B. Benmokrane, “Flexural behaviour and bond-dependent coefficient of basalt FRP bars in concrete beams”, Resilient Infrastructure, June 1-4, STR-823-1, 2016. 18. T.A. Elsayed, A. Eldaly, A. El-Hefnawy, “Ghanem G. Behaviour of concrete beams reinforced with hybrid fiber reinforced bars”, Advanced Composite Materials,Vol. 20 No. 3, pp. 245-259, 2011. 19. A. Garbacz, E.D. Szmigiera, K. Protchenko, M. Urbański, “On Mechanical Characteristics of HFRP Bars with Various Types of Hybridization”, In

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Strength-Deformation Properties of Fine-Grained Fibre-Reinforced Concretes


The main strength-deformation properties of fine-grained fiber-reinforced concretes with different type and quantity of fibres, used as repair overlays, are discussed. The results of mechanical properties of experimental compositions are obtained and generalized for two basis ages and standard laboratory environment. The experimental results are mathematical processed using MATLAB procedure. The basic character- istics - residual strength, toughness indexes and residual strength factors are obtained as a function of type as well as quantity of the hybrid fibre- reinforcement.

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A Polish approach to FRP bridges

References [1] Zoghi, M. (Ed.). The International Handbook of FRP Composites in Civil Engineering . Boca Raton: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group LLC, 2014. [2] Kitane, Y., Aref, A., and Lee, G. Static and fatigue testing of hybrid fiber-reinforced polymer concrete bridge superstructure. ASCE, Journal of Composites in Construction , vol.8, 2004, no.2, p.182–190. [3] Gutiérrez, E., Primi, S., Mieres, J.M., and Calvo. I. Structural testing of a vehicular carbon fiber bridge: quasi-static and short-term behavior. ASCE, Journal of Bridge

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Flexural Performance of Engineered Cementitious Compositelayered Reinforced Concrete Beams

/2008, 2008. 16. Hamid Reza Pakravan., Masoud Jamshidi. Masoud Latifi, “Study on fiber hybridization effect of engineered cementitious composites with low- and high-modulus polymeric fibers”, Construction and Building Materials, Vol. 112, pp. 739–746, 2016. 17. Khin T. Soe, Y. X. Zhang, L. C. Zhang, “Material properties of a new hybrid fibre-reinforced engineered cementitious composite”, Construction and Building Materials, Vol. 43: 399-407, 2013. 18. V. C. Li, C. Wu, S. Wang, A. Ogawa, T. Saito, “Interface tailoring for strain-hardening PVA–ECC”, American

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High-strength flowable mortar reinforced by steel fiber

Flexural Toughness and First-Crack Strength of Fibre-Reinforced Concrete. Annual book of ASTM Standards, Volume 04.02. ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA American Society Tests of Material, ASTM C469: Standard Test Method for Static Modulus of Elasticity and Poisson's Ratio of Concrete in Compression. Annual book of ASTM, 2000, Standards, ASTM international, West Conshohocken, PA Aydin, A. C.: Self compactability of high volume hybrid fiber reinforced concrete. Const. & Build. Material

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The Ductile Behavior of High Performance Concrete in Compression

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Investigation of Fatigue Damage in General, Prestress, and Concrete Beam Reinforced with FRP Sheets and Concrete Beam Influenced By Mix Beam Under Periodic Load in Linear and Nonlinear Phase

., 2005. Repair of bridge girders with composites: Experimental and analytical validation. ACI Structural Journal , 102(5), p. 639. Huang, L., Xu, L., Chi, Y., & Xu, H., 2015. Experimental investigation on the seismic performance of steel–polypropylene hybrid fiber reinforced concrete columns. Construction and Building Materials , 87, 16-27. Li, C., Hao, H., Zhang, X., & Bi, K., 2018. Experimental study of precast segmental columns with unbonded tendons under cyclic loading. Advances in Structural Engineering , 21(3), 319-334. Maes, M. A., Wei, X

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