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The paper presents the main theoretical concepts related to methods of calculating the erosion rate for sandy dunes on natural coasts, namely, the beach equilibrium profile and incident waves. To illustrate calculations of dune erosion in the vicinity of the Coastal Research Station (CRS) in Lubiatowo, the Xbeach model (an incident wave model) was used. The calculations were carried out for hydrological and hydrodynamic conditions that accompanied Hurricane Ksawery (December 6–8, 2013). The results of the calculations were compared with the measured data. A satisfactory agreement was obtained between the predicted and measured results.


By focusing on Rhoda Broughton’s debut novel, entitled Not Wisely but Too Well (1867), this paper sets out to explore the way the author succeeded in challenging conventional narrative models, besides subverting the customary depiction of “the Angel in the House”, the untarnished, submissive, cherub-like Victorian icon of womanhood so frequently portrayed in contemporary literature.


This essay aims at exploring the controversial and thought-provoking use of flower language and flower imagery in Margaret Fuller’s so-called flower pieces. In a rather unconventional way, this language for women is turned by the writer into a powerful instrument of protest, capable of upsetting stereotypes and common beliefs on women.

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obiektów budowlanych). Aparatura badawcza i dydaktyczna , Tom XVII, Nr 4, 57-62. 12. Szymczak-Graczyk, A 2018. Icing effect on steel bar structures. Annual Set The Environment Protection , 20, 934-947. 13. ETAG 006 guidelines 2000. Fasteners for mechanical fastening of roofing systems made of flexible waterproofing products (Wytyczne ETAG 006 (2000). Systemy pokryć dachowych z elastycznych wyrobów wodochronnych mocowanych mechanicznie). ITB, Warsaw. 14. Żurański, JA and Gaczek, M 2008. Hurricane wind action on buildings (Oddziaływanie huraganowego wiatru na budowle

existence of proximal fluvial landforms prevailing in vast areas of Central and South America facilitate lahar development, and have caused a multitude of disasters over the last few decades. By way of example, considerable areas of Nicaragua and Honduras have been devastated by lahars triggered by the 1998 hurricane Mitch, claiming thousands of victims and causing enormous economic losses ( Vallance et al ., 2004 ; Guinau et al ., 2007). Other, more localized lahars may have caused fewer victims, but also devastated entire villages on the slopes of or next to volcanoes


In this paper, I study the narrative structure and the layers of meaning in the Treme (2010-2013), using the concept of rhizome introduced in A Thousand Plateaus by Deleuze and Guattari (1987) and the Hannerzian “root metaphor” of creole culture. As for New Orleans in the Treme, music makes the narrative structure not just multilinear but rhizomatic. Moreover, spontaneity and hybridity highlight dialogicity and poliphony as well as a strong ironic and subversive capacity concerning music and creole culture. On a narratological level, analysing the critical representation of social problems after the destruction of Hurricane Kathrina raises the problems of focalization and narratorial distance