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Modelling and Prognosis of the Export of the Republic of Serbia by Using Seasonal Holt-Winters and Arima Method

). Forecasting models and prediction intervals for the multiplicative Holt-Winters method. International Journal of Forecasting, 17, 269-286. Kovačić, Z. (1995). Analiza vremenskih serija. Beograd:Ekonomski fakultet. Kovačić, Z. (1998). Analiza vremenskih serija. Beograd:Ekonomski fakultet. Kravis, I. (1970). Trade as a Handmaiden of Growth: Similarities Between the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. Economic Journal, 80, 850-872. Lawton, R. (1998). How should additive Holt-Winters estimates be corrected

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The use of Holt–Winters method for forecasting the amount of sewage inflowing into the wastewater treatment plant in Nowy Sącz


The aim of the study was to determine changes of daily amount of sewage inflowing into a wastewater treatment plant in Nowy Sącz in the years 2008-2014. To this end, the data in the form of time series corresponding to the investigated multi-year period were analysed. Daily volume of sewage for annual periods was forecast using a seasonal method of Holt and Winters based on the exponential smoothing algorithms. The model fit to actual daily amount of sewage for 2014 was assessed using linear regression. The results of fit for the additive Holt-Winters model confirmed the usefulness of this tool for forecasting the amount of sewage inflowing into the wastewater treatment plant.

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Short-term forecasting of the chloride content in the mineral waters of the Ustroń Health Resort using SARIMA and Holt-Winters models

Team 2015. R: A language and environment for statistical computing. R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna URL Solecki T. 2007. Zastosowanie odwiertów chłonnych w ochronie środowiska na przykładzie uzdrowiska Ustroń. Wiertnictwo, nafta, gaz, 24: 465-473. Szmukta-Zawadzka M., Zawadzki J. 2012. O metodzie prognozowania brakujących danych w szeregach czasowych o wysokiej częstotliwości z lukami. Metody ilościowe w ekonomii, 13: 212-223. Tratar L.F. 2013. Improved Holt-Winters method: A

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Multidimensional Analysis of Monthly Stock Market Returns

Holt-Winters methods with damped trend. International Journal of Forecasting, 17(1), pp. 71-82. Gultekin, M.N. and Gultekin, N.B., 1983. Stock market seasonality: International evidence. Journal of Financial Economics, 12(4), p. 469-481. Haugen, R.A. and Jorion, P., 1996. The January effect: Still there after all these years. Financial Analysts Journal, 52(1), pp. 27-31. Kato, K. and Schallheim, J.S., 1985. Seasonal and Size Anomalies in the Japanese Stock Market. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 20 (2

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Forecasting the Sales of Console Games for the Italian Market

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Forecasting US Tourists’ inflow to Slovenia by modified Holt-Winters Damped model: A case in the Tourism industry logistics and supply chains

. 79, no. 9, pp. 2879-2888, 2009. [51] H. Grubb and A. Mason, “Long lead-time forecasting of UK air passengers by Holt–Winters methods with damped trend,” International Journal of Forecasting, vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 71-82, 2001. [52] G. Athanasopoulos and A. de Silva, “Multivariate exponential smoothing for forecasting tourist arrivals,” Journal of Travel Research, vol. 51, no. 5, pp. 640-652, 2012. [53] P. Dimitrov, M. Kalinova, G. Gantchev, and C. Nikolov, “Exponential forecasting of the monthly volume of the tourism receipts in Bulgaria

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