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Gearing up for Catalan Intellectual History: JOCIH’s Twist

5 References Alcoberro, A: Miquel Batllori . Barcelona: Col.lecció de Biografies de la Fundació Catalana per la Recerca i la Innovació, 2003. Batllori, M: Diplomatari Borja , 1: Documents de l’Arxiu del Regne de València (1299-1429) , Miquel Batllori (Dir.), Luis Pablo Martínez i Miquel Navarro (Eds.), València: Edicions Tres i Quatre, 2002. Batllori, M: Records de quasi un segle . G. Soler, C. Gatell (Eds.). Barcelona: Quaderns Crema. Batllori, M: “Ignasi Casanovas and Frederic Clascar (2003)”. Journal of Catalan Intellectual History

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The Building and Renovation History of Vilnius and Kaunas Churches: Dendrochronological Dating and Historical Sources

XVII a. LDK: Bažnytinės architektūros užsakymai. Vilnius: Vilniaus dailės akademijos leidykla, 2003. Pukienė, Rūtilė, “A millennium history of pine growth fluctuations in the surroundings of Vilnius (Lithuania): natural forcing versus human impact” (paper presented at the 8th international conference on dendrochronology “World Dendro 2010”, Rovaniemi, University of Lapland, 2010). Pukienė, Rūtilė, “Viduramžiais augusių paprastosios pušies medžių metinio radialiojo prieaugio dinamikos rekonstrukcija.” Scripta Horti Botanici

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Counterfactual Histories of Moon Landing

References Black, Jeremy. What If? Counterfactualism and the Problem of History . London: Social Affairs Unit, 2008. Blay, Zeba. “Hidden Figures and the Diversity Conversation We Are Not Having”, (accessed 06.05.2018). Butler, Judith. Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity . New York: Routledge, 1999. Derrida, Jacques. “The Deconstruction of Actuality.” In Negotiations

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Simulational Realism—Playing as Trying to Remember

References Aristotle. On the Art of Poetry , translated by Ingram Bywater. (accessed 24.08.2018). Barthes, Roland. S/Z , translated by Richard Miller. Hoboken: Wiley-Blackwell, 2002. Michel de Certeau. The Writing of History . New York: Columbia University Press, 1988. Deleuze, Gilles, and Felix Guattari. Anti-Oedipus , translated by Robert Hurley et al.. London: Continuum, 2004. Elliott, Andrew B. R., and Matthew Wilhelm Kapel. “Introduction: To Build a Past

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Other Stories: Experimental Forms of Contemporary Historying at the Crossroads Between Facts and Fictions

References Dukaj, Jacek. Lód . Kraków: Wydawnictwo Literackie, 2007. Evans, Richard J., Altered Pasts: Counterfactuals in History . London: Little, Brown, 2014. Głowacki, Aleksander. Alkaloid . Warszawa: Powergraph, 2012. Gumbrecht, Hans Ulrich. In 1926. Living at the Edge of Time . Cambridge, London: Harvard University Press, 1997. Haska, Agnieszka, and Jerzy Stachowicz, eds. Śniąc o potędze . Warszawa: Narodowe Centrum Kultury, 2012. Jameson, Fredric. “Progress versus Utopia, or, Can We Imagine the Future?”. In

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Can Counter Histories Disturb the Present? Repohistory’s Street Signs Projects, 1992–1999

References Benjamin, Walter. The Arcades Project, edited by Rolf Tiedemann, translated by Howard Eiland and Kevin McLaughlin. Cambridge, Mass: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1999. Benjamin, Walter. “Theses on the Philosophy of History.” In Illuminations: Walter Benjamin , edited by Hannah Arendt, translated by Harry Zorn. London: Pimlico, 1999. 245–255. Brown, Wendy. Politics Out of History. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2001. Derrida, Jacques. “Marx and Sons.” In Ghostly Demarcations: A Symposium on Jacques

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The exposition named History will present the development of the Czech lands from the 9th century till the present. The exposition will be divided into two separate spaces – the Historical Building of the National Museum will house the history of the 9th–19th centuries and the New Building of the National Museum will house the history from the 20th century. Despite reflecting to a certain extent the traditional division of the Middle Ages, Early Modern Period, the “long” 19th century, and the 20th century, the narrative will be continuous without any artificial historical disruptions. We will debunk some historical myths and stereotypes. Emphasis will be laid on the presentation of items from the collections of the National Museum. A certain update will also be important, i.e. the presentation of ideas and symbols, that we refer to today. Parallel narratives will be nonetheless important, as they will show that history is not unambiguous and that certain events can be viewed from several different perspectives (e.g. the winner and the loser, nobleman and subject). Last but not least, we will address the issues of individual freedom and its limits.

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History as an April Fool’s Joke. Defamiliarising Collective Memory in Rabih Mroué’s So Little Time

. Esche, Charles. Absences Felt and Unfelt , 2017. . Firro, Kais. Inventing Lebanon: Nationalism and the State under the Mandate . London, New York: I. B. Tauris 2003. Gates, Carolyn. Merchant Republic of Lebanon: Rise of an Open Economy . Oxford, London: Centre for Lebanese Studies and I. B. Tauris, 1998. Haugbolle, Sune. War and Memory in Lebanon . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Hirst, David. Beware of Small States. Lebanon, Battleground

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The Counter/Actual: Art and Strategies of Anti-Colonial Resistance

References Abu El-Haj, Nadia. Facts on the Ground: Archaeological Practice and Territorial Self-Fashioning in Israeli Society. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2001. Binder, Pat and Gerhard Haupt. “Emily Jacir: Where we come from.” Nafas Art Magazine (Oct. 2003). Accessed 13 March 2018, . Davies, Martin L. Historics: Why History Dominates Contemporary Society . London: Routledge, 2006. Demos, T. J. The Migrant Image: the art and politics of documentary

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Snow on the Gridiron: A Brief History of Canadian Football

of Canadian football. Toronto: Pagurian Press. Danzig, A. (1956). The history of American football. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall. Dykstra, J., The CFL Communications Department (2008). 2008 facts, figures and records. Toronto: Canadian Football League Publications. Ifedi, F. (2008). Sport participation in Canada, 2005. Culture, Tourism, and Centre for Education Statistics. Statistics Canada (pp. 1-101). Available online at: http

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