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Competitiveness - higher education

felsőoktatasban – így mertek ti. In: Murakozy Laszlo (szerk.) A jelen a jovő multja. Jaratlan utak – jart uttalansagok. Budapest, Akademiai Kiado, 2009., 241-294. I1: I2: I3: I4: I5: http

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Professional Development in Higher Education

References Biggs, J., & Thang, C. (2011). Teaching for Quality Learning at University: What the Student Does . [4 th Edition]. Maidenhead: Society for Research into Higher Education; Open University Press. Brown, S., Race, P., & Smith, B. (1996). 500 Tips on Assessment . London: Kogan Page. Brown, S. (2003). Assessing Practice. In Brown, S., & Glasner, A. (Eds.), Assessment Matters in Higher Education: Choosing and Using Diverse Approaches (pp. 95-105). Buckingham: The Society for Research into Higher Education; Open University Press

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Contradictions in Higher Education

References AFT, H. E. (2009). The American academic: The state of higher education workforce 1997–2007 . Washington, D.C: American Federation of Teachers. Amundsen, B. (2015, August 21). Women and men still study completely different university subjects. Norway: Science Nordic. Retrieved from Scien Bates, A. (2015). Teaching in a Digital Age. licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Benjamin, E

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Accessibility of Higher Education: The Right to Higher Education in Comparative Approach

References Almqvist, Jessica. Human Rights, Culture and the Rule of Law. Oxford and Portland, 2005. Bražiūnas, Antanas Juozas, Petras Baršauskas ir Arūnas Degutis. "Aukštojo mokslo prieinamumas ir socialinis atmetimas [The accessibility and social deniail of the higher education]." In: Aukštojo mokslo sistemos ir didaktika. Konferencijos pranešimų medžiaga [The systems and didactics of the higher education. The proceedings of the conference]. Kaunas: Technologija, 1999

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Benchmarking in Czech Higher Education

References Agasistia, T. and F. Bonomia. 2014. “Benchmarking Universities’ Efficiency Indicators in the Presence of Internal Heterogeneity.” Studies in Higher Education 39(7), 1237 - 1255. Alstette, J. 1995. Benchmarking in Higher Education: Adapting Best Practises To Improve Quality. Washington, D.C.: Association for Study of Higher Education. Arnaboldi, M. and G. Azzone. 2004. “Benchmarking University Activities: An Italian Case Study.” Financial Accountability and Management 20(2), 205 - 220

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Is Higher Education Economically Unsustainable? An Exploration of Factors that Undermine Sustainability Assessments of Higher Education

References Anchor, J., Fiserova, J., Marsikova, K., & Urbanek, V. (2011). Student expectations of the financial returns to higher education in the Czech Republic and England: Evidence from business schools. Economics of Education Review, 30, 673–681. Ashford, N. A., Hall, R. P., & Ashford, R. (2012). Addressing the crisis in employment and consumer demand: Reconciliation with financial and environmental sustainability. The European Financial Review, October-November, 2012 , 63–68. Becker, G. S. (1964). Human capital, a theoretical and

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Trends in the internationalization of European higher education in a convergence perspective

References Ayoubi, R. and El-Habiabeh, A. (2006), “An investigation into international business collaboration in higher education organisations: a case study of international partnerships in four UK leading universities”, International Journal of Educational Management, Vol. 20, No. 5, pp. 380-96. Bartell, M. (2003), “Internationalization of universities: a university culture-based framework”, Higher Education, Vol. 45, pp. 43-70. Belcher, J. (1995), “Thinking globally, acting locally: strategies for

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Adventures in Higher Education, Happiness, And Mindfulness

Introduction My life-long curiosity, interest, and passion about education, higher education, learning, and teaching started at a young age when my tiger mom Peter H. Huang, Tiger Cub Strikes Back: Memoirs of an Ex-Child Prodigy About Legal Education and Parenting , 1 Brit. J. Am. Legal Stud. 297, 297, 300 (2012). purchased for me a set of Ivy League book covers when I was six years old in the first grade at Public School (P.S.) 183 and explained that there are eight schools in the Ivy League: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and five other places. Peter H

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Using smartphones and tablets in higher education contexts: an exploratory study within a teacher education programme

regulating collaborative learning in higher education with wireless networks and mobile tools. Educational Technology & Society, 10 (4), 71-79. Kearney, M., & Maher, D.(2013). Mobile learning in maths teacher education: Driving pre-service teachers' professional development. Australian Educational Computing, 27 (3), 76-84. Kearney, M., Schuck, S., Burden, K., & Aubusson, P. (2012). Viewing mobile learning from a pedagogical perspective. Research in Learning Technology, 20. Retrieved from: http

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Higher Education Students’ Perceptions of Environmental Issues and Media Coverage

European citizens towards the environment. Retrieved March 3, 2013 from Young, N., & Dugas, E. (2011). Representations of climate change in Canadian national print media: The banalization of global warming. Canadian Review of Sociology, 48 (1), 1–22. Wachholz, S., Artz, N., & Chene, D. (2012). Warming to the idea: University students’ knowledge and attitudes about climate change. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 15 (2), 128–141.

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