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Helwing in the collections of the National Library of Poland and the University of Warsaw. Acta Soc Bot Pol 83(1): 13-16. B oretius M. E. 1722. Matthiae Ernesti Boretii, Observationum exoticarum specimen primum, sistens famosam Anglorum variolas per inoculationem excitandi methodum, cum ejusdem phaenomenis et successibus. Literis Reusnerianis, Regiomonti. B owler P. 2007. Historia nauk o środowisku. 488 pp. Wyd. UW, Warszawa. B rock W. 1999. Historia chemii. 488 pp. Prószyński i S-ka, Warszawa. F lis S. 1956. Maciej Ernest Borecki (Boretius), znany lekarz mazurski

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rerum experientia deducta. Francofurti, 291 pp. HARTMANN P.J. 1699. Succincta succini prussici historia et demonstratio. Berolini, 48 pp. HELWING G.A. 1717-1720. Lithographia angerburgica, sive Lapidum et fossilium in districtu Angerburgensi et ejus vicinia ad trium vel quatuor milliarium spatium in montibus, agris, arenofodinis et in primis circa lacuum littora et fluviorum ripas, collectorum brevis et succincta consideratio. Additis rariorum aliquot figuris aeri incisis, cum praefatione autoris et indicibus necessariis. Pars II in qua de lapidibus figuratis ad