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Technology-Based Sheet Metal Classification and Coding System

References Mitrofanov S. P.: The Scientific Principles of Group Technology. Bratislava : SVTL, 1960. Hermann J.W., Singh G.: Design Similarity Measures for Process Planning and Design Evaluation, Technical Research Reports, T. R. 97 - 74, Institute for System Research, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, 1997. Šugar P.: Similarity of objects and processes of machine production, Publish center of Technical University of Zvolen, ISBN 80-228-0904-7, Zvolen

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Application of multi-dimensional grouping to building steel stiffened shell structures

References 1. Ballakur A., Steudel H.J.: A within-cell utilization based heuristic for designing cellular manufacturing systems. International Journal of Production Research, 25, 1987, 639-665. 2. Ben-Arieh D., Sreenivasav R.: Information analysis in a distributed dynamic group technology method. International Journal of Production Economics 60-61, 1999, 427-432. 3. Bhat M.V., Haupt A.: An efficient clustering algorithm. IEEE transactions on systems . Man and Cybernetics SMC-6 (1), 1976, 61

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Cost Estimation Methods of Machine Elements at the Design Stage in Unit and Small Lot Production Conditions


On the stage of product design there is a problem concerning production cost estimation in the moment when elements are not yet definitely designed. Depending on the amount of the available information, more or less precise cost estimation methods are applied, i.e.: variant methods, generation methods, hybrid methods. The proposed method of cost estimation is based on a formalized description of information related to construction, manufacturing and organizational characteristics concerning the designed element, the automation method of technological processes design using methods of group technology and a model of determining production costs of machine elements based on Activity Based Costing.

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A tabu search algorithm for the cell formation problem with part machine sequencing

-1875. [6] Boe, W.J. and Cheng, G.H. (1991). A close neighbour algorithm for designing cellular manufacturing systems, International Journal of Production Research , 29 (10), 2097-2116. [7] Burbidge, J.L. (1989). Production flow analysis for planning group technology , UK, Oxford Science Publications. [8] Chandrasekharan, M.P. and Ragagopalan, R. (1986). An ideal-seed nonhierarchical clustering algorithm for cellular manufacturing, International Journal of Production Research , 24 (2), 451-464. [9] Chan, W.M., Chan, C

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Making Formwork Design Lean

References Abdelhamid, T., El-Gafy, M., and Mitropoulos, P. (2009). Selection of roof casting formwork systems for the bird island project: Case study. Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction, 14(4), 224-241. Aleisa, E., Suresh, N. C., and Lin, L. (2011). Team formation in concurrent engineering using group technology (gt) concepts. Concurrent Engineering Research and Applications, 19(3), 213-224. Alvanchi, A., Lee, S., and AbouRizk, S. (2011). Modeling Framework and Architecture of Hybrid System Dynamics and Discrete Event

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