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We can say that the Europidian Greek tragedy situated at the outset man to extreme limits, on the border where the divine begins. Any tragedy signifies and stimulates the energy of the hero to surpass himself through an incredible act of courage, to give a new measure of his greatness in the face of obstacles, to the unknown he meets in the world and in the society of his time. The tragedy shows us that in the very fact of human existence there is a challenge, or a paradox, it tells us that sometimes the aspirations of man come into conflict with the forces of the unexplained and destructive, which is beyond and yet very close to us. The poet and philosopher Euripides turns out to be a great humanist, he loves and sympathizes with the people, suggesting that by birth we are all equal.

  11  HSS II.1 (2013) DOI: 10.2478/v10317-012-0011-4 Reflections on Art1 Andrei Şerban Columbia University School of the Arts Oscar Hammerstein II Center for Theatre Studies 601C Dodge Hall 212.854.3408 Abstract The following study presents some considerations on different subjects re- garding the field of art, from the art of using sounds in theatre and the im- portance of the Greek tragedy to the subtle differences between opera and theatre. The sound

patient care parameters in a clinical oral pathology practice. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol Endod, 1999; 87:583-588. 5. Falagas ME, Vouloumanou EK, Mavros MN, Karageorgopoulos DE. Economic crises and mortality: a review of the literature. Int J Clin Pract, 2009; 63:1128-1135. 6. Kentikelenis A, Karanikolos M, Papanicolas I, Basu S, McKee M, Stuckler D. Health effects of financial crisis: omens of a Greek tragedy. The Lancet, 2011; 378:1457-1458. 7. Kentikelenis A, Papanicolas I. Economic crisis, austerity and the Greek public health system. Eur J Public

under the leadership of Germany’s Chancellor. “The Greek tragedy” obviously plays a central role in the escalation of the European crisis, and it is far from being resolved with the arrival of the Tspiras government. It represents a sort of proxy for all the problems and troubles experienced by the monetary union, starting with the violation of the “principle of sincere cooperation” by the Greek authorities. It is with Greece that “default” definitely enters the public discourse, still staying with us today. European public opinion becomes aware of the


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Committee” of the Jewish Yishuv in Palestine eventually sanctioned 14  David Pinski, “The Stranger,” 60. 15  Nicole Loraux, The Mourning Voice: An Essay on Greek Tragedy, 39-40. The Language of the Border: The Musical Recitation of Drama   215 this pronunciation of Hebrew as normative. The revival of Hebrew as a vernacular language created a bond uniting Jews from different places and creating a sense of community. Zionist circles considered Hebrew a practical tool in the attempt to build up a secular Jewish national consciousness. Despite the institutionalization of


do not question the validity of the author’s statements, but I was a little puzzled by the sentence concerning Shakespeare’s plays: “As distinguished from Greek tragedy, fate is not manifested as an unseen power hovering over the tragic heroes’ process of maturity, but as part of their nature, as they develop in certain circumstances”. (77) The Oxford English Dictionary defines fate in the following way: The principle, power, or agency by which, according to certain philosophical and popular systems of belief, all events, or some events in particular, are

-encompassing characterization of this form of dialogue. He perceives it as […] an apotheosis of the media, the electronic transposition of the Greek tragedy contained by it and, through the collective catharsis it makes possible, an indispensable complement to democracy, the talk show ultimately represents a structure within which two forms of social representation resonate and contaminate each other: the state-show, alongside its political heroes, and the state-television together with the instantaneous socialization proposed by it during the great ideological debates (9). During