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References 1. Apinhasmit W, Chompoopong S, Methathrathip D, Sangvichien S, Karuwanarint S. Clinical anatomy of the posterior maxilla pertaining to Le Fort I osteotomy in Thais. Clin Anat, 2005;18:323-329. 2. Douglas R, Wormald PJ. Pterygopalatine fossa infiltration through the greater palatine foramen: where to bend the needle. Laryngoscope, 2006;116:1255-1257. 3. Lepere AJ. Maxillary nerve block via the greater palatine canal: new look at an old technique. Anesth Pain Control Dent, 1993;2:195-197. 4. Malamed SF, Trieger N. Intraoral maxillary nerve block: an