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The Governance of Collaborative Cluster Models

References [1] World Bank. (1994). Governance: The World Banks Experience . Washington D.C [2] Ivan, A.L. (2003). Perspective teoretice ale construcţiei europene . Editura Eikon, Cluj-Napoca. p. 266. [3] Stoker, G. (1998). „Governance as theory: five propositions”. International Social Science Journal , vol. 150, issue 155 , pp. 17-28. [4] Dobrotă, C., Cocean, R., Bogdan, A.E., Bucur, I., Bălăceanu, C., Agachi, P.Ş., şi Herbil, M. (2011). Guvernanţă universitară . Bucureşti. [5] Moore, M.H. (2002). „Some Alternative Conceptions

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Re-Scaling of Metropolitan Governance in Germany

1 Introduction The history of metropolitan governance in Germany goes back to the early years of the last century. It was in the period from 1910 to 1920 when metropolitan solutions for infrastructure planning, settlement development and the protection of green spaces were discussed in the rapidly growing industrial agglomerations. In those days, Berlin (1916) and the Ruhr area (1920) were exemplary cases of different ways of organizing metropolitan politics and planning. While in Berlin a regional city (Groß-Berlin) was realized through the annexation of the

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Place leadership, governance and power

References Beer, A. (2014). Leadership and the governance of rural communities. Journal of Rural Studies, 34, 254-62. Beer, A., & Clower, T. (2014). Mobilising leadership in cities and regions. Regional Studies, Regional Science, 1 (1), 10-34. Bennett, N., Wise, C., Woods, P. A., & Harvey, J. A. (2003). Distributed leader - ship: A review of literature. London: National College for School Leadership/ The Open University. Burfitt, A., & MacNeill, S. (2008). The challenges of pursuing cluster

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Institutionalizing Corporate Governance Reforms in Poland: External Auditors’ Perspective

:// . Al-Shaer, H. and Zaman, M. (2016). Board gender diversity and sustainability reporting quality. Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics , 12 (3), 210–222, . Al-Shaer, H. and Zaman, M. (2018). Credibility of sustainability reports: The contribution of audit committees. Business strategy and the environment , 27 (7), 973–986, . Aluchna, M. (2007). Mechanizmy Corporate Governance w Spółkach Giełdowych [Corporate governance

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The Regional Impacts of the Asian Crisis on Governance

References Desta, A., (2012), Good Growth and Governance in Africa: Implementing Rather than Rethinking Development Strategies , International Journal of Academic Research in Accounting, Finance and Management Sciences, Vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 69-75. Fleischer, J., and Parrado, S., (2010), Power distribution in ambiguous times: The effects of the financial crisis on executive decision-making in Germany and Spain , der moderne staat–Zeitschrift für Public Policy, Recht und Management, Vol. 3, no. 2. Gieve, J., and Provost, C., (2012), Ideas and

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The Role of Students in the Governance of Public Higher Education: a Case Study of Malta

References Arceo, A. (2010). The role of student and alumni associations in the democratisation process in Spain. Higher Education in Europe , 28 , 523–528. Das, J. (2014). Higher Education Governance: Students’ Participation, Union Elections & the Role of Lyngdoh Commission. International Journal of Humanities & Social Science Studies (IJHSSS), I(I). ISSN: 2349-6959. Available at: . Education Act (1988). Chapter 327 of the Laws of Malta . Available at: http

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Metropolregionen, Wissensregion und Governance

Kontrollfunktion“, „Gatewayfunktion“ ( Blotevogel 2005 : 644 f.) und der von einigen Autoren ergänzten „Symbolfunktion“. „Symbolfunktion“ ist vergleichsweise diffus und verweist „auf die Erzeugung und Verbreitung von Zeichen, Vorbildern, Moden sowie Normen und Werten“ ( ARL et al. 2007 , 3). Es entwickeln sich neue regionale Governance-Regime Der Begriff „Governance-Regime“ verweist auf das Zusammenspiel unterschiedlicher Steuerungsmuster (Steuerungs-Mechanismen) in konkreten Steuerungs-/Koordinations-Situationen. , die stärker als bisher von wirtschaftlichen Akteuren geprägt

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Governance und Regionalentwicklung in Großschutzgebieten der Schweiz und Österreichs

1 Einleitung Der Beitrag untersucht Großschutzgebiete aus der Perspektive der raumbezogenen Governance-Forschung. Großschutzgebiete sind aus verschiedenen Gründen interessante Objekte für die Governance-Forschung. Sie sind Teil eines Mehrebenensystems, das durch Regelungsstrukturen auf verschiedenen Ebenen (supranational, national, regional, lokal) und durch Top-down- und Bottom-up -Prozesse gekennzeichnet sein kann (vertikale Koordination). Großschutzgebiete verfolgen unterschiedliche Fachziele und erfordern die Zusammenarbeit von Akteuren verschiedener

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The Impact of Governance on the Research Performance of European Universities in Cross-Country Comparisons

., DEWATRIPONT, M., HOXBY, C., MAS-COLLEL, A., SAPIR, A. (2009). The Governance and performance of the Research Universities: Evidence from Europe and the U. S. [online] NBER Working Paper No. 14851. Issued in April 2009. Available at: [Accessed: 5/5/2016] AGHION, P., DEWATRIPONT, M., HOXBY, C., MAS-COLLEL, A., SAPIR, A. (2010). The governance and performance of universities: evidence from Europe and the US. Economic Policy. 1 January 2010, vol. 25, issue

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Explaining Metropolitan Governance. The Case of Spain

, leisure) provided by the mobility of the inhabitants. The challenges posed by the metropolitan phenomena are diverse: social (combating inequalities, ensuring access to public services), economic and financial (guaranteeing competitiveness and efficiency), territorial and environmental (the management of urban explosion, mobility and waste), political and institutional (the co-ordination of policies and services, democratic representation). In this article I focus on the last question: how to govern metropolitan areas? What are the models of metropolitan governance

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