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choice of the parasite for a microhabitat. The suggested explanations include the heterogeneous water flow in the gills ( El Hafidi et al ., 1998 ; Rubio-Godoy & Tinsley, 2002 ; Rubio-Godoy, 2008 ; Jeannette et al ., 2010 ; Soler-Jiménez & Fajer-Ávila, 2012 ), parasite migration ( Arme & Halton, 1972 ; Buchmann & Bresciani, 1997 ; Rubio-Godoy & Tinsley, 2002 ), intraspecific interaction of parasites with aggregation to facilitate the reproduction ( Rohde, 1979 ; Kadlec et al ., 2003 ; Raymond et al ., 2006 ; Jeannette et al ., 2010 ), inhibition of a

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