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The Poles towards the Germans – German responsibility for war crimes

niemiecki w Polsce w momencie dzisiejszego przełomu, opracowanie dyskusyjne, Toruń 20 listopada 1945, p. 17-18 [Archives of Ministry of Foreign Aff airs, Department of Political Aff airs, fi le 18/81/7, German problem in Poland on the breakthrough - discussion, Torun 20 November 1945]. Archiwum Ministerstwa Spraw Zagranicznych, Departament Polityczny, sygn. 18/81/7, p. 15 [Archives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Political Aff airs]. Archiwum Państwowe w Katowicach, Urząd Wojewódzki w Katowicach, Wydział Społeczno

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The Warsaw Uprising as presented in chosen German newspapers

, Strange reception of the Polish delegation by the TASS - agency]. Moskaus Schuld am Warschauer Aufstand - Schwedisches Blatt bestaetigt deustche Darstellung 22nd August 1944 [Moscow blamed for the Warsaw Uprising - Swedish newspaper confi rmed German statement]. “Bolszewik” Nauka z awanturniczej przygody, 15th October 1944 [Th e lesson from adventurous experience]. “Der Angriff ” Alkohol soll den Polen helfen - Die Ausliefereung an Moskau eine beschlossene Sache, 16th August 1944 [Alcohol is

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Being “Other” in Berlin: German Koreans, Multiraciality, and Diaspora

, is one that often celebrates the transgressive state of multiracial “in-betweenness”, the reality is that those who are or are perceived to be multiracial are still seen as out of place and “Other”. The existence of a mixed-race population is a result of different migration and colonial histories in each society. Multiraciality is considered a relatively recent phenomenon in Germany ( King-O’Rhiain et al. 2014 ). Relatedly, Germany has been considered (and considers itself) a monoracial state. The existence of a multiracial Korean population in Germany can be

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German Economy as a Global Generator of Growth and Development - Trends and Prospects

BRICs nehmen Fahrt auf. (2010). Goldman Sachs International, Frankfurt/M. Dürand, D. (2010). Projekt Aufbruch, Wirtschaftswoche No. 19, 10.5.2010. Ferguson, N. (2011). Civilization. The West and the Rest and Ian Morris, Why the Rules for now, The Daily Telegraph, Forum No. 24/25, 13-26.06.2011. Flejterski, S., Jodkowska, L. (2011). German banking system - a pillar of economy growth and development) , [in:] Japan, Germany. Recovered honor in economic development . Lublin: Wydawnictwo

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German Grocery Discounters: Dynamics and Regional Impact. the Case of Schleswig-Holstein (Germany)

References Acker K., 2010. Die US-Expansion des deutschen Discounters Aldi (The US-expansion of the German discounter Aldi). L.I.S., Passau. Agergard E., Olsen P., Allpass J., 1970. The interaction between retailing and the urban centre structure: a theory of spiral movement. Environment and Planning 2: 55-71. Augé M., 2012. Nicht-Orte (Non-places). Beck, München. Brandes D., 2001. Konsequent einfach (Simply at its best). Heyne, München. Brown S., 1993. Retail location theory

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Konrad Adenauer as a German Statesman and Politician of Integrating Europe

Bibliografia Adenauer K. (1965–1968), Erinnerungen, Deutsche Verlags – Astalt, Stuttgart, t. 1, s. 589; t. 2, s. 556; t. 3, s. 551; t. 4, s. 375. Adenauer K. (1954), German reunion and the future of Europe, „International Journal”, 3. Adenauer K. (2000), Wspomnienia , Wydawnictwo ABC, Warszawa. Audisio G., Chiara A. (2016), Twórcy zjednoczonej Europy, Instytut Wydawniczy „Pax”, Warszawa. Bankowicz M. (2007), Przywódcy polityczni współczesnego świata: mężowie stanu, demokraci i tyrani, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego

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From Weimar to Winnipeg: German Expressionism and Guy Maddin

Canadian Cinema , eds. Janine Marchessault and Will Straw, 269–284. Oxford: Oxford University Press. D’Angelo, Mike. 2014. The prologue of Careful epitomizes Guy Maddin’s oneof-a-kind genius. A.V. Club . . Last accessed 04. 27. 2017. Elsaesser, Thomas. 2000. Weimar Cinema and After: Germany’s Historical Imaginary. London: Routledge. Gemünden, Gerd. 2014. Continental Strangers: German Exile Cinema, 1933–1951. New York: Columbia University Press. Hansen

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The formal method in Germany and Russia: the beginnings of European psycholinguistics

:// >. [57] Tchougounnikov, S., 2016. L’espace comme procédé: Formalisme russe vs formalisme germanique. In Simonato, E., Moret, S., Cinquante nuances du temps et de l’espace dans les théories linguistiques , Cahiers de l’ILSL, N° 49. Lausanne: Université de Lausanne, pp. 27–51. [58] Tchougounnikov, S., 2016. Speech technology as an experimental science: Towards the comparative dynamics of Sprechkunde in Germany and Russia in the late nineteenth to early twentieth century. In Postoutenko, K., Jacq, J., Tchougounnikov, S., Zakharin, D

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The German Bundesrat and Executive Federalism

), What Form of Government for the European Union and the Eurozone?, Hart Publishing, Oxford, 289-306. Groß Thomas, 2003, ‘Zwei-Kammer-Parlamente in der Europäischen Union’, ZaöRV, no. 63: 29-57. Gunlicks Arthur B., 2003, The Länder and German federalism, Manchester University Press, Manchester and New York. Gunlicks Arthur B., 2012, ‘Reforming German federalism’, in Appleby Gabrielle, Aroney Nicholas and John Thomas (eds), The Future of Australian Federalism, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 115

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