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When states lose territory: Georgia‘s post-2008 adjustment

References, 2017a. More than 900 Georgian citizens detained along occupation line in 8 years., March 2, [Accessed March 22, 2017]., 2017b. Population of Gali, Abkhazia protests closure of Administrative Boundary Lines., January 27, [Accessed March 22, 2017]. Agné, H., Bartelson, J., Erman, E., Lindemann, T., Herborth, B., Kessler, O., Chwaszcza, C., Fabry, M., Krasner, S.D., 2013. Symposium ‘The politics of

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Beyond Neoclassical Economics: The Impact of Religion on the Economic Disparity Between Georgia and Estonia

References Åslund, A. (2012), How Capitalism was Built , 2nd ed., New York: Cambridge University Press. Bulgakov, S. (1909), ‘The national economy and the religious personality,’ Journal of Markets and Morality , vol. 11(2008), no. 1, pp. 157–179. Chikovani, N. (2012), ‘The Georgian historical narrative: From pre-Soviet to post-Soviet nationalism,’ Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict , vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 107–115. Chochia, A. & Popjanevski, J. (2016

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Historical Determinants of Regional Divisions of Georgia and their Implications for Territorial Governance

References Baranowscy B., K., 1987. Historia Gruzji (The history of Georgia). Wydawnictwo zakładu Narodowego im. Ossolińskich, Wrocław. Bartkowiak J., Kowalczyk A., Swianiewicz P., 1990. Władze lokalne wobec reform system samorządowego ( local authorities in the face of reforms in the self-government system). In: Bartkowiak J., Kowalczyk A., Swianiewicz P. (eds), Strategie władz lokalnych. Uniwersytet Warszawski, Warszawa: 185-200. Cornell S. E., 2003. Small nation and great powers. A study of ethnopolitical

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Taxonomic revision and new species/subspecies of Middle-Late Miocene (Bessarabian) miliolids of the Family Hauerinidae Schwager from Georgia — Eastern Paratethys

-Megrelian Thematic Geol. Party , Tbilisi, 1-216 (in Russian). Karrer F. 1877: Geologie der Kaiser Franz-Josephs Hochquellen-Wasserleitung. Eine Studie in den Terliar-Bildungen am Westrande des alpinen Tiles der Niederung Wien. Abh. K.K. Geol. Reichsanst. Wien 9, 1-420. Koiava K. 2006: The biostratigraphy of Sarmatian deposits of Eastern Georgia on the base of Foraminifera. PhD Thesis, Alexandre Djanelidze Inst. Geol. , Tbilisi, 1-163 (in Georgian). Kolesnikov V. 1935: Sarmatian Mollusks. Paleontology

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Forward-looking solutions for the Georgian and South Ossetian conflict: a path towards reconciliation

, Hugh, and Mari Fitzduff. “Improving Community Relations.” Community Relations Council. CRC Pamphlet No. 3 (1994). 8. Galtung, Johan. “Cultural Violence.” Journal of Peace Research Vol. 27, No. 3 (August 1990): 291-305. 9. “Georgia: Avoiding War in South Ossetia.” Europe Report No. 159 (November 26, 2004) // (accessed August 18, 2013). 10. “Georgia's South Ossetia Conflict: Make Haste Slowly.” Europe Report No. 183 (June 7, 2007) // http

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Georgian Consumer Attitudes Towards Genetically Modified Products

References Aleksejeva, I. (2012), Genetically Modified Organisms: Risk Perception and Willingness to Buy GM Products, Management theory and studies for rural business and infrastructure development , 4 (33), pp. 5–9. Apil, A., Kaynak, E., Todua, N. (2008), Georgian Consumers Evaluation of Products Sourced from a Geographically Close Proximity Country, Journal of Euro Marketing , 17 (3–4), pp. 199–218. Belyaevsky, I., Kulagina, G., Korotkov, A. (1995), Статистика рынка товаров и услуг – Финансы и статистика [ Statistics of goods and services

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Recharge and dynamics of a karst groundwater system in Kakheti (Eastern Georgia)

, 133 (3467), 1833–1834. De Vries, J. J. and Simmers, I., 2002. Groundwater recharge: an overview of processes and challenges. Hydrogeology Journal , 10 , 5–17. Elizbarashvili, E., 2007. Climatic Resources Of Georgia. Institute of Hydrometeorology. Tbilisi, pp. 148-186. IAEA/WMO, 2006. Global Network of Isotopes in Precipitation. The GNIP Database. Global Network of Isotopes in Rivers. [Online] Available from: Froehlich, K., Gibson, J., Aggarwal, P., 2002. Deuterium excess in

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Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Context of a Moral Economy: Dilemma for Developing Countries (Case of Georgia)

References Balarjishvili I. (2017) Contradictions of development of civil society as economic actor in Georgia. Country experiences in economic development, management and entrepreneurship. Proceedings of the 17th Eurasia business and economics society conference (pp. 171–186). Springer International Publishing. Balarjishvili I., & Natsvlishvili I. (2017) Elites and society: Contradictions of economic and institutional interests (by the example of Georgia). International Journal of Business and

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Differences Between Georgian and French Wild Cherry Populations and Consequence for Wild Cherry Breeding Programmes


For the first time, the diversity of wild cherry in Caucasia was sampled: 5 populations of Georgia, together with 11 French populations. 23 alleles from 7 isozyme loci were scored, among them 6 new alleles in Georgia. Though the total number of alleles was higher in Georgia (A = 2.4) than in France (A = 2.0), the diversity was higher in France (He = 0.324) than in Georgia (He = 0.284). A higher level of differentiation was found in France (Fst = 0.094) than in Georgia (Fst = 0.057), and the total Fst was even higher (0.108). Mean pairwise distances inside the French group, the Georgian group and between the two groups were 0.054, 0.037 and 0.094, respectively. The Pearson’s correlation coefficient between genetic and geographical distances was 0.58 (p = 0.014) between France and Georgia, which indicated a moderate pattern of isolation by distance. The number of migrants after correction of size was high among the French populations (Nm= 7.6) and even higher among the four nearby Georgian populations (Nm= 32), but it was very low between the pooled French populations and the pooled Georgian populations (Nm= 0.33). Georgia in Caucasia, as an extreme country in the distribution area, can be considered as a source of neutral gene diversity for wild cherry, and thus may also be one for adaptative gene diversity we could use to increase the genetic base of our western country wild cherry breeding populations.

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The EU-Georgia Association Agreement: An Instrument To Support The Development Of Georgia Or Lip Service? / Układ Stowarzyszeniowy Ue – Gruzja: Instrument Wsparcia Rozwoju Gruzji Czy Deklaracja Bez Pokrycia?

References ECORYS & CASE (2012), Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment in support of negotiations of a DCFTA between the EU and Georgia and the Republic of Moldova. Final Report, Rotterdam, 27 October. Association Agreement between the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community and their Member States, of the one part, and Georgia, of the other part, OJ L 261 of 30 August 2014. Athukorala P., Waglé S. (2013), Export Performance in Transition: The Case of Georgia, ʻWorking Papers in Trade and

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