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Hydraulic Analysis of Causes of Washout of Gdynia-Orłowo Sea-Shore During the Flood in the Kacza River Estuary

of a flood wave propagation on the Kacza River in Gdynia in Northern Poland . 17 th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM2017, Water Resources. Forest, Marine and Ocean Ecosystems, 2017, pp. 453-460. 10. Zima P. : Modeling of the Two-Dimensional Flow Caused by Sea Conditions and Wind Stresses on the Example of Dead Vistula . Polish Maritime Research, Vol. 25, iss. s1(97), 2018, pp. 166-171.

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Comparison of Fe, Zn, Mn, Cu, Cd and Pb concentration in spruce needles collected in the area of Gdansk and Gdynia in Northern Poland

life of living organisms, such as Fe, Zn, Mn and Cu, as well as toxic, namely Cd and Pb, in spruce needles collected in locations in Gdynia and Gdansk, for monitoring the environmental pollution. Moreover, it was also interesting to relate the concentration of the studied metals in spruce needles with their level found in soil samples collected under the investigated trees. To fulfil these goals of study, metallic elements were determined both in needles and soil samples by flame atomic absorption spectrometric technique, and to interpret the obtained results, such

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The researching ship “Gdynia“

References 1. Gierusz W.: Multivariable steering of the ship , Constanta Maritime University Annals, 2008, vol. 11 2. Gierusz W.: The H2 and robust Hinf regulators applied to multivariable ship steering , in Marine navigation and safety of sea transportation, Adam Weintrit (Ed), Gdynia Maritime University - The Nautical Institute in London, Gdynia, 2009, 3. Golec A.: The project and installation of the control system for rudder gear in application for autonomous ship model (in polish), BSc thesis

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Dome Over The Gdynia Seaport Building

R eferences 1. D ischinger F., Die Theorie der Vieleckkupelln und die Zusammenhänge mit der einbeschriebenen Rotationsschalen, Beton und Eisen 1929 2. D ischinger F., Schalen und Rippenkuppeln, Handbuch für Eisenbetonbau, t. VI, Berlin 1930 3. D ischinger F., Rüsch H., Die Grossmarkthalle in Leipzig, Beton und Eisen 29/1929 4. S tachurski W., Concrete structures, vol. 4. Warszawa, Arkady 1991 [in Polish] 5. G odycki -Ć wirko T., Technological expertise of the Seaport Gdynia Dome in the aspect of safety and durability, Gdańsk

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The Construction of a Breathing Simulator for Research of the Diving Breathing Apparatus in Compliance with the PN-EN 250:2014 Standard

References [1] Kłos R., The new generation of hyperbaric breathing simulator, Akademia Marynarki Wojennej [Polish Naval Acadeny, Department of Underwater Works Technology], Gdynia 2010.

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A Bow-Echo and Severe Weather Observed Over Poland on 11th and 12th August, 2017

REFERENCES [1] Adams-Selin R., Van den Heever S. C., Johnson R., Sensitivity of Bow-Echo Simulation to Micro-physical Parameterizations , ‘Weather and Forecasting’, 2013, Vol. 28, pp. 1188–1209. [2] Dyrcz C., Meteorology and Oceanography. Terms, definitions and explanations , Polish Naval Academy, Gdynia 2017. [3] Fujita T., Manual of downburst identification for Project NIMROD , The University of Chicago, May 1978. [4] Goulet L., Bow Echos: Conceptual Schemes and European Relevance , ‘The European Forecaster’, Meteo France, [online

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Local public transport planning in Poland - geographical input


This paper concentrates on geographical contribution to public transport planning in Poland with a special regard to transport services of general interest. The authors draw on the newly enacted Polish legislative acts concerning public transportation: the Act of 16 December 2010 on public transport and the Regulation of 25 May 2011 on the detailed scope of sustainable development plan of public transport. According to these legal acts, authorities of the largest local and regional governments in Poland are obliged to prepare public transport plans by March 2014. In order to provide useful guidelines that would ameliorate the preparation of public transportation plans by these authorities, the authors demonstrate some effective examples of geographical analyses utilising sample cases of a medium-sized city (Gdynia) and a medium-sized poviat (Krosno poviat). The authors explain how to delineate the network of public transport of general interest in these administrative units along with route categorisation. Additionally, some principles of the city area division into public transportation sectors - a spatial unit facilitating public transport planning - are presented on the example of Gdynia.

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Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Polish Naval Academy — Eighty - Five Years of Training and Scientific Research Work. Part I : 1931–1955

References [1] Będźmirowski J., Tradycje Akademii Marynarki Wojennej, ‘Przegląd Morski’, 1999, No. 11 [Traditions of the Naval Academy - available in Polish]. [2] Będźmirowski J., Kształcenie oficerów korpusu technicznego Polskiej Marynarki Wojennej w latach 1931-2006, AMW, Gdynia 2006 [Training of Technica Corpse Officers - available in Polish]. [3] Będźmirowski J. Morskie szkolnictwo wojskowe w Polsce. Komponent systemu bezpieczeństwa państwa w latach 1919-1991, Gdynia 2009 [Naval Schooling in Poland

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The Effect of Measurement Method for Assessing Stereometric Structure of Surface

References [1] Łukianowicz, C., Podstawy pomiarów nierówności powierzchni metodami rozpraszania światła , Wydawnictwo Politechniki Koszalińskiej, Koszalin 2001. [2] Posmyk, A., Chmielik, I. P., Wpływ metody pomiarowej chropowatości materiałów kompozytowych na ocenę powierzchni , Composites, Vol. 10, pp. 229-234, 2010. [3] Starosta, R., Dyl, T., Obróbka powierzchniowa , Wydawnictwo Akademii Morskiej w Gdyni, Gdynia 2008. [4] Starosta, R., Effect of Cutting Parameters on Surface Texture of Flame Sprayed Coatings, Solid State Phenomena

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Diagnostic of Malfunction of Four Stroke Marine Engine Using Harmonic Components of Combustion Pressure Waveforms

References [1] Charchalis, A., Dereszewski, M., Processing of instantaneous angular speed signal for detection of a diesel engine failure, Hindawi Publishing, 2013. [2] Dereszewski, M., Wykorzystanie modelu dynamicznego silnika Sulzer 3Al25/30 do symulacji wpływu zmian obciążenia i uszkodzeń na fluktuację prędkości kątowej , Zeszyty Naukowe AM, Nr 81, Gdynia 2013. [3] Dereszewski, M., Charchalis, A., Polanowski, S., Analysis of diagnostic utility of instantaneous angular speed of a sea going vessel propulsion shaft , Journal of KONES, Vol

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