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Die GIS-Anwendung in der Landesplanung
Dargestellt am Beispiel des digitalen Raumordnungskatasters Sachsen-Anhalt

1 Einleitung Zur Darstellung der räumlich-planerischen Situation in den Flächenländern führen alle Raumordnungsbehörden ein Kataster, in dem laufend die raumbeanspruchenden und raumbeeinflussenden Planungen und Maßnahmen aus den Fachplanungen synoptisch zusammengeführt werden [vgl. Steingrube, W. (1998), S. 73], In den vergangenen Jahren wurde in fast allen Bundesländern damit begonnen, die Raumordnungskataster auf die digitale Führung mit einem Geo-Informationssystem (GIS) umzustellen. Geo-Informationssysteme (GIS) dienen dazu, raumbezogene Daten zu

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Safety Improvement Solutions In Coal Mines Using GIS

References [1]. Liu, Yansui. Guo, Yanjun. Li, Yurui. Li, Yuheng. GIS-based Effect Assessment of Soil Erosion Before and After Gully Land Consolidation: A Case Study of Wangjiagou Project Region, Loess Plateau, Chinese Geographical Science 2015 Vol. 25, No. 2, pp. 137–146, (2015). [2]. Lupu, C., Moraru, R., Prevention of fire and explosion– course material, Master – Ocuppational Health and Safety, (2014). [3]. Lupu-Dima, L., Leba, M., Ionica, A., Edelhauser, E., Intelligent Dispatching, A Solution for Increasing Efficiency in Mining, The 6th

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Studies on the Implementation of GIS Model in Water Supply Systems

, Review of World Water Resources by Country, Volume 23, Rome, 2003 Fatih D., Rod T., Jantien S., Christian L., Hendrik P., Peter O., Sisi Z., 4D cadastres: First analysis of legal, organizational, and technical impact—With acase study on utility networks , Land Use Policy, 2010 Isabelle S., GIS for maintaining and repairing water and sewage network , Prezentare Veolia Water Romania, București, 2012 Luca M., Bălan A., Toma D., Apetroi I., Avram M., 2015, The adduction pipes management on limiting water loss , Proceedings IWA Regional Conference

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Verfahren der GIS-Modellierung von Erreichbarkeiten für Schlaganfallversorgungszentren

aufgrund der durch den demographischen Wandel zu erwartenden Standortveränderungen von Einrichtungen der (medizinischen) Daseinsvorsorge und Siedlungsmustern vor. Wie von Schweikart und Kistemann (2004 ) beschrieben, nehmen bei den Erreichbarkeitsstudien GIS-Analysen und kartographische Darstellungen eine inzwischen wichtige Rolle ein (vgl. Elliott/Wakefield/Best et al. 2001 ). In neueren Studien wird vor allem die Verfügbarkeit von Versorgungsinstitutionen durch derartige Methoden quantifiziert (vgl. Traub 2004 ; Neumeier 2013 ; Neumeier 2014 ; Seip

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Method to Extend Operationability of Web-Gis Based Marine Services Using SSE Platform

References 1. Final report on the ESA PECS Project implementation, ESTEC/Contract No. 4000105693/12/NL/KML, Development, testing, demonstration and dissemination of innovative Web-based Geographical Information System for threat monitoring, prediction, and risk analysis for the municipal area - Safe City GIS, 2014 2. High Performance Computing in Remote Sensing, Plaza, A. J.; Chang, Ch. Publisher: Chapman & Hall/CRC Computer & Information Science Series, ISBN: 978-1584886624 3. Lee T. M., Tag P. M.: Improved

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Using Concatenated Steganography for Visual Analysis in GIS SOA

. Bloom, Jessica Fridrich, Ton Kalker. Digital Watermarking and Steganography. Burlington: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 2009, pp. 46-56, 469-494. [8] P. Dunlavey, “GRASS GIS: A Useful Tool for the Mountain Cartographer”, International Cartographic Association (ICA) 2002 Mountain Cartography Workshop , Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood, Oregon, 2002. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: Sept. 16, 2011]. [9] W. Bergenheim, L. Sarjakoski and T. Sarjakoski, “A Web Processing Service for GRASS

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Applications Of Terrestrial Laser Scanning And GIS In Forest Inventory

combination of Terrestrial Laser Scanning data and images. In RevCAD – Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre , No. 9, pg. 309-318, Aeternitas Publishing House, Alba Iulia, Romania. Bassole, A., Brunner, J., Tunstall, D., 2001. GIS: Supporting Environmental Planning and Management in West Africa. World Resources Institute, London, United Kingdom. Birjaru, C., 2011. Cercetări privind utilizarea tehnologiei LiDAR în lucrările de silvicultură (Study regarding the use of LiDAR technology in forestry), Summary of PhD Theses, Brasov, Romania. Danson, F

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Erosion Assessment Modeling Using the Sateec Gis Model on the Prislop Catchment

. C., Kim, K. S., Lim, K. J., (2010), Development and Application of Integrated System with SATEEC, nLS and USPED for Gully Erosion Evaluation. Journal of Korean Society on Water Quality, 26(4), 637-647 Lim, K. J., Choi, J. D., Kim, K. S., Sagong, M., Engel, B. A., (2003), Development of Sediment Assessment Tool for Effective Erosion Control (SATEEC) in Small Scale Watershed. Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers. 45(5), 85-96. Lim, K. J., Sagong, M., Engel, B. A., Tang, Z., Choi, J., Kim, K. S.,(2005), GIS

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Relief visualization techniques using free and open source GIS tools

. Proceedings of the 10th ICA Mountain Cartography Workshop, 26−30 April 2016”. Berchtesgaden, Germany, pp. 55−64. Eastmead S., 2017, Use of QGIS Geographical Information System in Basic Field Archaeology and LiDAR Processing (Ed. 1, rev. 4, from 05.03.2018). E-book: Graser A., Meams B., Mandel A., Olaya V., Bruy A., 2017, QGIS: Becoming a GIS Power User . Birmingham: Packt Publishing. Hobbs K., 1995, The rendering of relief images from digital contour data. “The Cartographic Journal” Vol. 32, no. 2, pp. 111

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GIS-based examination of peats and soils in Surfers Paradise, Australia

References Al-Ani H., Oh E., Chai G., Al-Uzaiiy B.N., 2014. GIS- Interpo- lated Geotechnieal Zonation Maps in Surfers Paradise, Au- stralia. In 6 lk International Conference on Advanced Geogra- phic Information Systems, Applications, and Services (GEO- Processing2014), Spain, Barcelona: 142-148. Al-Ani H., Oh E., Eslami-Andargoli L., Chai G., 2013a. Subsur- face Visualization of Peat and Soil by using G1S in Surfers Paradise, Southeast Queensland, Australia. Electronic Jour- nal of Geotechnical Engineering, 18 (1): 1761

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