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Application of Drones in Protection of State Border


An unmanned aerial vehicle is a flying apparatus that does not require a crewmember on board to complete a task. Its piloting is done by means of indirect control. UAVs also have the ability to perform autonomous flight on a pre-programmed flight path. The purpose of the study was to use the unmanned aircraft “Fly Eye” by WB Electronic used by the Border Guard to patrol the state border in 103 TRA zone on the section of the Republic of Poland with the Kaliningrad District of the Russian Federation. The TRA zones constitute a specially designated area for the use of the Border Guard and the army, in order to carry out flights there beyond the scope of the pattern for training purposes and to patrol the state border. The article also contains information of the Border Guard formation and the characteristics of the unmanned aerial vehicle “FlyEye”. In order to ensure the safety of the UAV flight, the test was carried out in the TRA zone, which is used for special use for the Border Guard formation and the army.

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Portable Light Pen 3D Vision Coordinate Measuring System- Probe Tip Center Calibration

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