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Freshwater red algae in Finland

References Cedercreutz, C. 1943. Einige für Finnland neue Süsswasseralgen. Memoranda Societatis pro Fauna et Flora Fennica 19: 84–87. Cedercreutz, C. & Fagerström, L. 1969. Freshwater algae of Ostrobottnia kajanensis, Finland. Acta Societatis pro Fauna et Flora Fennica 76: 1–34. Chemeris, E. V. & Bobrov, A. A. 2009. Records of Rhodophyta species in rivers of the upper Volga region and adjacent areas. Botanitsetskij Journal 94: 1568–1583. Eloranta, P. 2018. Huomattava makeanveden punaleväkokoelma Luomukseen. Botanicum 2018: 4

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Public Opinion, Journalism and the Question of Finland’s Membership of NATO

(1999) EU-journalismin anatomia. Mediasisältöjä muokanneet tekijät ennen kansanäänestystä 1994 [The Anatomy of EU Journalism. The Factors That Shaped Media Content Before the 1994 Referendum] Helsinki: University of Helsinki, Department of Communication, Series 1A/2. Rahkonen, Juho (2006) Journalismi taistelukenttänä. Suomen Nato-jäsenyydestä käyty julkinen keskustelu 2003-2004 [Journalism as Battlefield. The Public Discussion about Finland’s NATO Membership 2003 to 2004]. Tampere: Tampere University Press. Risse-Kappen, Thomas (1991

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Immigrants and Immigration Policy in Ageing Finland

:// Heikkilä, E. 2002: Immigrants and their position in the Finnish labour market. In: Documentation from 1 st International Conference on Migration in the Baltic Sea Area, 14-17 November 2002, accessed on: Heikkilä, E. and Peltonen, S. 2002: Immigrants and integration in Finland, Turku: Institute of Migration, accessed on: Ilmarinen, J

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Contesting Family in Finnish and Canadian Immigration and Refugee Policy

, Intergenerational relations in families with an immigrant background. Helsinki: Nuorisotutkimusseura. Phinney, JS, Madden, T & Ong, A. 2000, ‘Cultural values and intergenerational value discrepancies in immigrant and non-immigrant families’, Child Development 71(2): 528-39. Pratt, A 2005, Securing borders. Vancouver, University of British Columbia Press. Pyykkönen, M 2007, ‘Integrating governmentality: Administrative expectations for immigrant associations in the integration of immigrants in Finland

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Boundaries of National Belonging in Ingrian Finnish Return Migration
A Multi-level Perspective

inclusive Finnishness in the talk of return migrants)’, in Monenkirjava rasismi, eds R Simola & K Heikkinen, Joensuu University Press, Joensuu pp. 175-192. Davydova, O & Heikkinen, K 2004, ‘Produced Finnishness in the context of remigration’ in New Challenges for the Welfare Society, ed V Puuronen, A Häkkinen, A Pylkkänen, T Sandlund & R Toivanen, University of Joensuu, Publications of the Karelian Institute, Joensuu pp. 176-192. Figgou, L 2012, ‘Essentialism, Historical Construction, and Social Influence: Representations of Pomakness in

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Migrants and the Emerging HIV Epidemic in Finland in the 1980s and the 1990s

the epidemic. An oral history, Oxford University Press, Oxford. Browning, B 1998, Infectious rhythm: metaphors of contagion and the spread of African culture, Routledge, London. Cherkassky, L 2010, ‘Being informed: the complexities of knowledge, deception and consent when transmitting HIV’, Journal of Criminal Law, vol. 74, pp. 242-258. Clarke, K 1999, Breaking the bounds of bifurcation: the challenge of multiculturalism in Finnish vocational social care education, University of Tampere

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The Visual Lexica of (National) Belonging and Nonbelonging in the Accounts of Young Kurds in Finland

through modernity. Postmodernism and the nation-state in folklore scholarship, Finnish Literature Society, Helsinki. Bonnett, A 2008, ‘Whiteness and the West’, in New geographies of race and racism, eds C Dwyer & C Bressey, Ashgate Publishing Limited, Aldershot, pp. 17-28. Crul, M, Schneider, J & Lelie, F 2010, The European second generation compared. Does the integration context matter?, Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam. Dutton, E 2008, “Battling to be ‘European’: myth and the Finnish race debate”, Antrocom, col. 4

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Resiliency Analysis of Energy Demand System in Finland

References [1] “IEA - Report - Finland: Indicators.” [Online]. Available: . [Accessed: 20-Oct-2017]. [2] S. Gurung, “Attitude towards energy efficient buildings in Finland,” no. May, 2017. [3] “Finland Unemployment Rate | 1959-2017 | Data | Chart | Calendar | Forecast.” [Online]. Available: . [Accessed: 20-Oct-2017]. [4] “Finland Inflation Rate | 1961-2017 | Data | Chart | Calendar | Forecast

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Canons and Heroes: The Reception of the Complete Works Translation Project in Finland, 2002-13

W orks C ited Aaltonen, Sirkku. “Retranslation in the Finnish Theater”. Cadernos de Tradução 11.1 (2003): 141-159. Itkonen, Juha. “Shakespeare-maraton käyntiin” [The Shakespeare marathon gets underway]. Apu 18 (2004): n.p. Jantunen, Heikki. “Sukkahousut vai bokserit?” [Tights or boxers?] Nykypäivä 20 December 2013: n.p. Juva, Kersti. [Translator’s] “Preface”. William Shakespeare: Paljon melua tyhjästä [Much Ado about Nothing] . Translated by Kersti Juva. Helsinki: Werner Söderström Osakeyhtiö, 2009. Kallinen, Timo

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Does Finnish Educational Equality Extend to Children of Immigrants?

References Abada, T & Tenkorang, EY 2009, ‘Gender differences in educational attainment among the children of Canadian immigrants’, International Sociology, vol. 24, no. 4, pp. 580-608, DOI:10.1177/0268580909334503. Alitolppa-Niitamo, A 2004, The icebreakers: Somali-speaking youth in metropolitan Helsinki with a focus on the context of formal education, The Family Federation of Finland, Helsinki. Bauer, P & Riphahn, RT 2007, ‘Heterogeneity in the intergenerational transmission of

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