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The proposed topic allows to learn about the scientific activity of the Wielkopolska researchers of the early Christian Church: Jan Sajdak (1882–1967), priest Józef Nowacki (1893–1964), priest Bronisław Gładysz (1892–1943) and priest Ludwik Gładyszewski (1932–2009). They contributed to the development of patristics not only in Wielkopolska, but also in Poland and in the world. Wielkopolska is also associated with the Scriptures of the Fathers of the Church in which translations of writers of the first centuries of Christianity are published. Patrology textbooks have also been published. The most important of them was written by the priest Szczepan Piestoch and is intended especially for students of theology. Wielkopolska is also a Faculty of Theology which has been operating since 1998 at the University of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. It includes the Department of Patristic Theology and currently the Department of Patristic Theology and Church History. Under the supervision of the faculty lecturers doctoral theses, master’s and bachelor’s theses, as well as monographs related to the period of Christian antiquity are prepared.


On the occasion of 100 years of existence and activity of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, one may sum up the contribution of the Faculty of Theology which has existed as part of the university for 20 years. This contribution has concerned the research and teaching arenas combined with a commitment for the social community of the Wielkopolska province. What is specific of the faculty is its ability to work both on the scientific and didactic levels as well as on the church level, which requires considerable knowledge and time in order to competently combine the requirements of working at university with demands of the Catholic Church managed by the Second Vatican Council. The scientific and popular scientific initiatives in the widely understood biblical studies represent a valuable contribution to the celebration of 100 years of the Poznań university. Like other scientific disciplines, they can proudly make their own contribution to the development of science in our city, as well as the entire country. One can only hope that the present generation of scientists will take the baton passed to them in the relay race of generations, and will make their own contribution to the science thereby honouring Poznań as an important scientific centre in Poland.

Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Arad, begins with an overview of Orthodox dogmatic theology during this period. Unfortunately, the rediscovery of the patristic spirituality of the Philokalia in Paisianism did not have any impact upon the crystallization of Orthodox dogmatics in Russia, Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria. This was also characteristic of the teaching of dogmatics in Romania (see page 44 and following), first in seminaries and later in institutes, academies and faculties of theology; regard- less of type of institution, theological education was marked by

The idea of organizing the National Conference “Evangelical upbringing and educa­ tion in the 16th and 17th centuries” came from Protestant circles, and more specifically, it was put into practice by professor of the Christian Theological Academy in Warsaw Rafał Marcin Leszczyński. As a result, the list of organisers of this event had to be opened by the Faculty of Theology of the Christian Theological Academy together with its Faculty of Pedagogy. The following were also invited to join the organisers the conference: Department of Humanistic Foundations of

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Brussels. The present volume brings together the French texts of the papers read at this colloquium, attended by Orthodox and Roman Catholic theologians. The central theme was, as shown in the title, the formulation of some opinions on the concept of „primacy” in order to show its manifestation both in the Orthodox Church and in the Roman Catholic Church. One also sought bridges of dialogue between the two Churches. The first study, that of Bernard Sesboüe SJ, Professor Emeritus of the”Centre-Sèvres” Faculty of Theology in Paris, makes an incursion into the

Second International Conference on Protestant Church Polity: Good Governance in Church and Society today Pretoria, South Africa, 24-27 March 2014 Daniel BuDa* The Department for Church History and Church Polity of the Faculty of Theology, University of Pretoria organized a second conference on Church Polity in collaboration with VU University Amsterdam. Aimed mainly but not exclusively at protestant theologians, the conference has dealt with is- sues related to the responsibilities of churches for good governance in order to properly respond to their mission

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